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Updated: May 5, 2022





Hello fellow travelers,

Welcome to this second dispatch of the Association of Ishtar. If you are not a member of AoI yet, please become a member today and gain access to our Story section.

Missed our last updates, Check out the previous Dispatch.



I put the Steampunk Beginners Guide videos together in a second compilation video. Considering the first compilation video is one of the most viewed, this seemed to be the logical thing to do. Also, the later videos barely get any views thanks to Youtube's system. New episodes will come next year, though the format will be changed somewhat to make production quicker. Still a one-man team, unfortunately.

This month I had a wonderful photoshoot during a product demonstration by Fujifilm, thanks to my friend and fellow contributor Martin Hogeboom. Check out this blog here! As I am waiting for new photos, more content will be added in time.

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Yes, we are working on various things. This includes some Patron-only content. Yes, to ensure I can maintain this website and the art projects we need funds. But don't worry. Besides previews, you get access to Patron-only content and digital versions of our published books. And the more Patrons, the more quality we can produce. So you want more art to go with your favorite AoI stories, please consider supporting us on Patreon or Subscribe star. In case you prefer to support me on other platforms, please leave a comment.

So, what to expect in the short run. New AoI themed wallpapers. And previews of a three-part story that continues the lives of the Coffin Girls that explores the trials and tribulations of the Imperial penal legion. Also looking forward to commissioning more Grayscale art for this series so it becomes a proper pulp. Want color? Well, you know how to support us.

The novel continues. Now the rough draft of the short story is with my beta readers, I can work on continuing the novel. Maybe I'll post previews of those on the support pages as well, so you can feedback on the story as they continue. What do you guys think?

PRESS COVERAGE ---------------------------------------------------------------------

I managed to invade another space again. This time Jason of Scifi4me has interviewed me on the Steampunk Multiverse of The Association of Ishtar, which was great fun, and hope to be back on there soon. Are you aware of any other podcasts that would be interested to have me on their blog/podcast? Let me know.


Stvarnov and Staranger Art have done great work for AoI thus far. However, they have jobs and other projects. So, we need a larger pool of artists. For the first project, I am looking for artists who want the draw images for an adult coloring book based on scenes and characters of the AoI Multiverse. Interested or if you have a recommendation, send us a message.

Associate 321 by Neutronboar
Associate 321 by Neutronboar

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For some reason, I got the inspiration to write something inspired by Jekyll and Hyde. A god-awful show you can now watch on Youtube. A wonderful insight into a show with no identity of its own. More important is our new Primer for submitting stories to the Association of Ishtar. Just like the photo blog, this might change over time depending on the feedback I am getting. I'm also considering making lore blogs on the various factions and, most importantly, their world-building. please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. RANDOM ADDENDUM


That was it for November,

I wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful time with your loved ones. I suppose I'll have new updates in the new year.

Want me to cover your projects on the blog? Contact me trough the site.

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