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From now on I will post all new stories to a new website called REAM Stories. Here you'll receive weekly stories for free and previews. You can start reading books and short stories WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT.

If you want to read more after that, you can become a follower with a click of the button!

We have two free-to-read series called Visions and Investigations

What is REAM?

REAM is like Patreon or Substack, but specially designed for authors by authors so that you, dear readers, have a better experience.

It's a new platform that is rolling out more features every month. Become involved by commenting on your favorite scenes or leaving a comment on the community page.

Why should I follow you on REAM?

Every week I post new free stories for your enjoyment. You'll also get previews and teasers of upcoming books and art. Or become a member at any tier and read our current publications! 

Curious, check out my REAM Page

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