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Spotlight: The Associate of Ishtar

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Had a great day yesterday at Studio34x. All though I have done professional photography workshops with Martin Hogeboom before, never done so in such a dedicated space with massive backdrops as here.

It was a product demonstration of Fujifilm's new camera (don't ask me which one). It was interesting

to see industry professionals wrestle with their new toys while I was waiting for them to finally take a picture. That aside, I really enjoy being around people with such passion for their work and understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur of sorts. I'm an amateur, but I like to think I developed something of an entrepreneurial spirit these past few years. Maybe a topic for a blog next year. That's when this creative journey will have lasted 10 years.

Anyway, here are the first professional photos of the Associate of Ishtar. I'm impressed with the results.

We will have to make a separate page for photoshoots like these at some point.

Photos by Edfotografie

Photos by Studio-073

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