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Updated: Nov 2, 2021





Hello fellow travelers,

This is the first dispatch from our new website. The Association is a collaborative project in which you can participate. You can contribute whatever creative or IT skills that you want. Stories remain our bread and butter, and for that reason, I am also organizing workshops (see below). Overall I would like the see more community activity. One place where you can speak to others on Discord.




Well, the first novel and comic have been released. Currently working on the next coffin girls story

that continues the life and tribulations of Marie Pelican and the Imperial Penal Legion.

Also picked a topic for the NEXT GRAPHIC NOVEL. It's going to be the Arkology Reports. a yet unfinished adventure you can read on the website. It's about Associates discovering Arkology, the Capitol of the Multiverse, for the first time.


Stvarnov and Staranger Art have done great work for AoI thus far. However, they have jobs and other projects. So, we need a larger pool of artists. For the first project, I am looking for artists who want the draw images for an adult coloring book based on scenes and characters of the AoI Multiverse. Interested or if you have a recommendation, send us a message.

PRESS COVERAGE I have been on a couple of shows

The Halloween Affair o’ Atticus Oldman - Tonight via
Featuring a few ghost stories from Auld Aether Reekie alongside a new poem from Steampunk McGonagall and interviews with writer and broadcaster Bonsart Bokel & Gary Emmins of The Filthy Spectacula about his Ghastly Murder single Twitch (released today)!



Our first event since the launch. Writing Fiction for Beginners on Nov. 2Oth. If your want other events, like FAQ's, speed writing sessions, send us your ideas. STORIES

------------------------------------------------------------------ We have a Halloween Special this year! Read it here!

The written version is still on the old wiki. But I am working on solutions for the new website. There is an experimental section on the stories pages on the Arkology report using so-called ‘Lightboxes’.

Let me know if this is a comfortable reading experience.

BLOGS you might like

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A blog about an observation I made about the relationship between creatives and the 'cosplay' community.



So here I'll leave with my final thoughts, Ladies and gentlemen, I like games. it has been an aspiration of me to be involved in the making of a game. When you think about it, the AoI case files are a type of RPG.

As if this year, in response to the videos and the stories I keep getting requests to do short movies and games. I'd love to be a writer for those! However, I just don't have the time, network, and knowledge for this. A barely have the time for the stories as I too have a day job. This is where I hope the community comes in. I can be used for many creative projects. And it is my hope it will. But we need community participation to make it happen.

For now, I'll leave it at this. Are you a game designer or film director who is interested in using the AoI setting for a project? Drop me a line. Thank you for reading and see you in the Multiverse Bonsart

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