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Coloring contest

associate 321 annd the c33 final A small.jpg
S-344 Drawing_B patron.png
Plane 22 Aqrabua Drawing by Yohan Alexander
4. nyctolar repair shop.png



Color one of the provided works of art however you like. To download, click the image and then click download. 
(Yes, you are allowed to print out the illustrations to color these manually.)



- Winning submission is entitled to a cash price of 50 EUROS

- Winning submission becomes the Variant C cover of the coloring book for the ‘Color the Multiverse’ Kickstarter 


  • All participants of the contest agree with the terms stated below

  • To participate, submit your digital art or viable photocopy in .PNG, or .PSD format, with a minimum resolution of 2551 x 3579 to with the title AoI coloring contest.

  • The deadline for submissions is on August 29 23:59.

  • The provided art is intended for contest participants only

  • The organizer has the privilege of determining the winner

  • Participants agree that all submissions may be used for social media, websites, or blog posts with the names of the colorists credited. 

  • If the contest organizer, Bonsart Bokel, wishes to use the colored work for commercial products such as E-books, comics, or novels, he must pay the artist an agreed-upon commission.


For questions, suggestions, etc. please join our Discord 

Art credits and related stories


  1. Yohan Alexander: Aqrabua from the short story
    lane 22: The Disciples of Discontent

  2. Yohan Alexander: S-344: The Lost man of Brass

  3. Aqib: Nyctolar from The Wrench in the Machine
    nd Subject 08: The Alternative

  4. Neutronboar: Associate 321and C-33. A scene from
    he Wrench in the Machine

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