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Our next Kickstarter and other 2024 Updates you don't want to miss.


Well folks, all the rewards for Jouney to Elysium should be on your doorsteps. In the meantime we have a lot of new exciting stuff in the works. I hope you are enjoying you rewards and would love to see you pictures and reviews! If there are any problems, let me know. Now on to the future and a trigger warning for a Cuteness Overload. (Scroll to the bottom). 

And now the (retro-)future

Starting with the Casket Girls that are now in Prelaunch! Not only do we have a new novella, exploring the military aspects of the AoI universe. We have new STLs of STeampunk Mecha and their pilots! Also, is we reach a 100 followers before march 17th, we'll create a Kickstarter only cover for the book. So, follow our page today and spread the word!   The art is already looking amazing! Considering do a paiting stream tomorrow

Prototype of the CB-3 with pilot


Witness a steampunk mad scientist preform his craft

3D printable Steampunk mecha and pilot


Speaking or art. Art COntest submission deadline has been moved!

I've mived the deadline for the artcontest to march 10. I already got some submissions in like this great exmpla by Foxwell. Check our website for more information (Note I stiull need to update it)


The RPG!

Yes, its realy gonna happen now. We, Chaloutline Games and I,  hope to present a demo on SPIEL ESSEN in October this year! Yohan is currently working on the concepts for the playable characters that willb be both cardboard and available as STL. With luck, the first will be part of the Upcoming Kickstarter! Also, our new tier will include to ability to get your OC, likeness, character concept, whater included in the game. This will replace the former "Drawn In" tier.


concept art steampunk RPG characters. Associare 321, infiltrator, Dragoon, Associare 212, Associate 247

In negotiation with a new Publisher

You might already recognise the name of our distributor Critical Blast. Did you know they are also a publisher? I am now in talks with them to have them republish the Association of Ishtar. This might mean the book sizes and format can change somewhat in the future. 

and now


Yes. The Anwin Army is nearly ready for deployment. I have 30, handmade by Craftioli, fluffy Anwin keyrings. Considering offering this as an early bird offer in combination with the first issue of Anwin. If they are gone, they're gone.

Fluffy doll keyrings of Anwin

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