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A Steampunk Coloring book based on the investigations from the Association of Ishtar. 


Graphic novel reimagining the first story that started it all.

S-36 chronicles the Association's encounters with an interdimensional assassin who has it out for them.

Also includes the short story Lights in the Dark

introducing the Imperial Penal Legion fighting

incoming waves of 'Outsiders'.  

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"To be a hero, one doesn't need to step forward... Everyone just needs to step back."
- Associate 321


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The Association of Ishtar is a Multiverse of Cosmic Horror and Steampunk Adventure.  Investigate the mysteries and explore strange new worlds.

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The association of Ishtar is a collection of stories inspired by writers, like Robert E. Howard and William Gibson, exploring the various anomalies the Association encounters as its associates explore the Multiverse.
This is an ever-increasing collection of case files and tales written by various writers.

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