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Updated: May 5, 2022

Welcome back fellow travelers. I hope you all had a good Christmas. It is almost time to say goodbye to 2021. And after everything that has transpired, I wanted to reflect on the period, and lift the veil on my future plans. But first of all, a thanks to all the people who supported my projects up to this point, by subscribing to me on Youtube, becoming a member on this new website, being active on the Discord, or by buying my books and support on places like Subscribestar.

This year has been been a personal landmark for me. But there has also been sadness. I don't want to start on a low note, but I think it would be even worse to end on. So here we go. This year, my close friend, greatest fan, and fellow AoI creator Luci Forbes passed away, after struggling with health complications. She intended to continue the story of P-12: The White Zeppelin, but unfortunately never got around to finishing it. And all she left me was an introduction to her story about the Captain. Therefore we dedicated our video the White Zeppelin to her that included this art drawn by Stvarnov, so we'll always have something to remember her by.

It was not the only person the community lost this year. Mickey Knox, although he left the Steampunk community a few years prior, was a well-known creator we collaborated with. He died unexpectedly, leaving a wife and daughter behind.

It's been a tough few years for many people, and it feels a bit odd to talk about my triumphs now, however, my friendship with these people came to be through creativity in the first place. In that regard, I'm hoping that the following messages will reach them somehow in the afterlife. But I'd rather wish, and I assume many others do as well, they'd here to join us in 2022.

Speaking of the current year, event wise we managed to attend several festivals in Germany, like

the Annotopia festivals. In the Netherlands, the major ones had all been canceled, some even at the last possible moment. Festivals that did continue had limited attendance.

It hasn't affected me overall, but many of my friends were, and social contact deteriorated as a result.

Regarding the events we did attend, we are experimenting with our camp-setup, and I hope to encourage AoI cosplay. Not just in the Netherlands, and for people who want to join our group. But also in other countries so we can experiment with photography and other media to compile more videos like the White Zeppelin (linked above). What I appreciate most about going to the events was meeting people I haven't seen for a long time. For most people in the community, Steampunk is a social experience, and I don't interact with them online or in a creative way, which is a shame.

So, on that bitter-sweet note, I want to move into the positive high lights of 2021.

Of course, I finished my first books! The Wrench in the Machine, I started writing in 2020, has been published by HCS Publishing, among with a comic S-36. Lessons I learned are talked about in a video as well as on this blog. For me, it was a special experience. It was hard to imagine myself finishing a book, let alone the size of The Wrench in the Machine, and then getting it published.

Associate 321 by Neuroboar
Associate 321 by Neuroboar


I'm about 30.000 words into the second novel with will be more of a dystopian Indiana Jones-esque novel set on Elysium (C-08) featuring Igraine (S-06) as the main character, with Ol'Barrow making sporadic appearances (you do seem to like him after all). It also won't be a thick as the current one.

Also, expect more artwork based on AoI, inncluding a coloring book(!).

Will there be a new comic? Very likely :) However, it's still in the planning stages. If you are a comic book artist, please contact me.

I want to make more videos on history. Considering doing a short on electrical cars because they play a role in the Wrench in the Machine and I might want to expand upon it in future books. But here is one on Art Nouveau. It's a follow-up to our video on Art Deco. Maybe I'll post the script later in the year. It's every interesting design from a World Building perspective.

My cohost, Vander, and I also began the Arkology Podcast in which we talk about old and inspirational movies. Each of which or on Youtube, AND podcast providers such as Itunes, and many others.

There also have been new Steampunk Beginners Guide episodes, but videos output has decreased

in favor of writing for the Association of Ishtar. A shame, but I am still doing this all by myself and can only divide my attention in so many ways. I am open to collaborations. Especially for audio dramas and other forms of original storytelling. So, again. If you want to be part of a larger Steampunk-related project, join our Discord, and let us know what you want to create.

That brings us to the long term. People keep asking if there is going to be an Association of Ishtar-inspired game. I would really like this to happen, but can't do it alone. So, I shelved this idea for the time being until I can find people interested in collaborating in such an endeavor.

I would also like to hear what type of game you want.

Want merch? Send me your suggestions. Want more art? become a Patron. Want your own characters to appear in stories? Become a Patron, or submit your own stories and art. Want a game based on AoI? So do I. Will there be a tv show?

... Anyway, if you have skills, ideas, networks, or other resources that can help the series expand in whatever direction. Let us know. Just want to talk with like-minded people. Join the Discord!

For those active in our groups, our Patrons, voice actors, photographers, beta readers, and everyone else who has made this possible. Despite the stereotypes, writing is something I do not do alone. I often discuss the world, ask for recommendations and listen to people's ideas. It is hard to keep track of who inspired what, but if you have responded to my posts on social media, it is likely it has inspired something in my works.

And with that, I end this last blog of 2021. I will post a new story later this week. It's one of the shortest I've written for AoI, but I'm also rather proud of it. Hopefully, more writers are joining us next year as the multiverse expands.

And whit that, I wish you a prosperous and creative 2022. And as always, make it your way!

Want to know more. I've been on various podcasts to talk about my show which I included

Down below.

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