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Warning! These Vaults are only to be viewed by members of

Committee Icarus
the Chair.

Any attempt by unauthorized individuals
will be met with
deadly force!

**Seal recognized and accepted. The Vault will open now.** 

Iteration I

The Association is in negotiation with the Babylon Project to launch another vehicle to Elysium with the permission of the British crown and the United States Government. The actual flight will be reported as a test flight for a new type of unmanned rocket. The current mission plan included four Associates and two employees of the Babylon Project to be onboard the new vessel. As for the vessel itself, it will be equipped with technology reverse-engineered by Committee Icarus. 

Iteration II

All records and other references regarding the Association presence on C-08 are to be stored at Vault 01 where all records are kept by Special Committee Icarus. 




C-08 is an artificial spherical, somewhat egg-shaped object, visible in the orbit of Atlas and several other Planes with the naked eye. The age and origins of this metropolis sized object are unknown, but it has been described in the earliest known writing and is present in nearly every religion. The damage seen on the object has always been present in most mythologies, attributing it to be the remains of a divine war or the battle between individual gods.
Modern science has no answer for its existence. Some speculate aliens, a precursor civilization, or other extra-planar origins. Despite all the contradicting hypotheses, all agree it isn’t a natural formation.        

There are a number of visible quirks that can’t be explained by existing physical models. The debris surrounding C-08 remains within the gravity of C-08, despite the object is not being large enough to develop its own gravity, indicating there might be some force field present. This hypothetical field is called the von Straub field, but its properties and cause remain unknown. This might be created by machines onboard C-8, but some have speculated that C-08 might be its own realm entirely. Whatever the origins, the current opinion that this field is responsible for the Comet II incident. 

Addendum on von Straub Field

Another popular hypophysis is that here is an optical distortion or ‘Holographic’ field around C-8; meaning the entire object and surrounding space might be an illusion and the Comet II could still be out there.

- Dr. Drambuie

First reconnaissance

Three attempts have been made by the Babylon Project to inspect the object from space. The first attempt in

1821 ended with the spacecraft, Comet I, exploding during take off. The second spacecraft, Comet II,  launched successfully in 1824, but disappeared spontaneously mid-flight from sight and has been missing since. It was this event that brought forth a lot of speculation on C-8’s exact position and rather it actually existed within our, or any, reality at all.

The third attempt was realized through a collaboration between the Association and the Babylon Project. This craft was equipped with a reverse-engineered *** the launch was successful and managed to enter the von Straub field. It is unclear what exactly happened at the moment the Comet III hit the barrier, as the accounts for the crew members contradict each other, but it is clear the pilots lost control as they entered a yet unobserved debris field.

The space and gravitational forces within C-8 were different than expected and the Comet III was unable to properly manoeuver as the vessel headed towards the object. Within 30 minutes of entering C-08, The Comet III made an emergency landing on the hull of Elysium and remained there.   █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████


Initial exploration of the Hull

After the Comet III crashed the crew started to explore the surrounding area. There is an atmosphere but not suitable for human life. Gravity on the outside is similar to the moon and allowed dust to gather on the surface, giving it the golden hue visible from the earth,  but once inside █████████████████████████████████████████████████



All further documentation, reports, and other correspondence regarding C-08 will be handled by Committee Icarus and the following reports can only be accessed by Chairmen and those that carry a seal issued by Committee Icarus. Debriefings on the exploration of the interior can be found in The Arkology Reports  

                         - Dr. Drambuie       

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