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THE ASSOCIATION’S BULLETIN IV: #1yearofSteampunk and new video-formats

Updated: May 5, 2022

Hello fellow travelers, The first month of 2022 is already behind us. So, let's recap what was achieved this month.

Art by Yohan Alexander

"Let's make a link between steampunk lovers in social media! Join us in the #1yearofsteampunk challenge. Publish some pictures for the weekly theme and discover other participants who use the hashtag."

- Lady Chapillon,

Inspired the following image that I shared in various places. Follow me on Instagram if you want more art previews and photos.

So, go check that out. If you have projects or community activities you want to promote, leave me a message.

In other news. Have you ever had one of those conversations on the internet that end become a thesis into themselves? Well, I had one of those in the comments section of my latest Steampunk Beginners Guide episodes. Read the Blog here. It's been a while since I made a video like this and I hope to get back into the flow of making more of these.

I continued this topic in my blog: On my distinction between Scifi and Steampunk. I might do a video on this as well. New blogs are in the works.

Speaking of blogs. A new short story, Violet Skies is live. It's a special addition to the 'canon' as it is actually advancing the storyline of the Association's homeworld of 'Atlas', and gives a glimpse of where the series as a whole could be heading. I even have some art for it in production. So, what is the end game? Well, let's just say I am speaking to people and exploring the possibilities.

C-04, o, Association 91 and the Wireless Energy Tower by Kido

Speaking of videos. I decided to change the format for The Wrench in the Machine videos. Shorter and more imagery. Hopefully, I'll be motivated to post more.

I've also asked volunteers to do voices for future videos. Not sure how far I'm going to take it, but if you are interested to participate leave a message or Join our Discord.

Igraine in Arkology by Jim Beckman
S-344 by Yohan Alexander available for Patrons

Finally. ART. We have a lot of stuff in production for the coloring book project. I also learned the number of artists I can manage at a time. You might have noticed many of these are all B&W. That's because it's for a coloring book. However, if you want to see more colored artwork in the future and in our videos please check out the support us section of the site and get some unique rewards to boot, like coloring plates and desktop backgrounds. For just 2 dollars a month you would help as greatly and get some awesome Patrons-only content to boot.

Want to meet other Steampunk, History, and Scifi enthusiasts, Join our Discord.

Hope to make more progress on the next novel. The plots have been outlined, but writing progress has not been what I hoped it to be. I strive to have the first draft is nearing completion by april. I hope you'll have a productive February. Take care, and make it your way Bonsart

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