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C-22: Violet Skies (Short Story)

Updated: May 5, 2022

Internal dispatch C22/5th of September 1881:

Fellow associates,

This memo is a response to questions raised regarding the Association’s approval of C-22's construction. Let it be clear that our decision stands. Our endorsement cannot be revised without exceptional evidence proving that these arrangements have been forged under false pretense.

Although skeptical of Jupiter Power Unlimited's intent, the Association has no agency in C-22's promised capabilities and applications.

Nevertheless, C-22 is relevant because it indicates there is a network of smugglers and information brokers dealing with Atlas' elite. According to Marconni's own testimonial, their technological insights have been acquired off plane through illicit means. The Association has a duty to locate and neutralize these networks. Should evidence be provided that JPU stands in the way of the Association's goals, or is collaborating with outside forces, our judgment will be swift and merciless, as always.

That being said, those that provided JPU with the technology involved in C-22’s conception are not included in this arrangement and must be engaged without prejudice.

- 2


"Some have inquired as to whether this situation is akin to that encountered with the medicine P-25. The answer is no. And the decision on P-25 will not be reversed.


C-22 is the designation for Project Jupiter: the construction of the Jupiter Emission Towers, under the management of Jupiter Power Unlimited. These towers, averaging 600 ft. in height and 390 ft. in diameter, ionize the surrounding atmosphere by drawing its energy. That energy is then divided among various substations connected through subterranean power lines. These substations in turn transmit the power toward every building and machine wirelessly with an appropriate receiver provided by JPU.

C-22's secondary function allows these towers to double as radio arrays that can be used like any other telegraphic transmitter. JPU promises this will enable remote control of any compatible device and vehicle, among other applications.

Rapport C22-1F: Visit to C22-1 by Associate 91

Fellow Associate,

In this letter, I will inform you of my experiences at the recently activated C-22 structure right outside of Novapolis. I could share my observations with the Chair, but as with most of my warnings, I expect these to fall of deaf ears.

In the aftermath of the Chair’s questionable decision that allowed JPU to continue the construction of these C-22 sites, I decided to investigate. No company allying itself with Utter-Krapp is a morally upstanding institution. So, I decided to visit one of the new sites that were undergoing construction and sent a request to Jupiter’s board of directors for admittance to one of their New Mexico’s facilities. My request was rejected due to safety concerns. Instead, they offered me a ticket to the Netherlands, free of charge, to inspect their first site. I thought I might as well.

As the train crossed the Afsluitdijk into Flevoland, I could see the Jupiter Tower from afar. A skeletal dome the size of a sports arena stood upon a wide tower dominating the flattest landscape I have ever seen. The top of the mushroom-like structure was surrounded by an odd purplish glow similar to a fata morgana, distorted by various flashes of light between its rafters.

After my arrival at the complex, I felt uncomfortable standing in the shadow of the massive structure, feeling like an insect between the trees. But there was something else. That machine does something to the atmosphere, and I felt like somebody was wrapping me in a blanket.

The other visitors, however, seemed fine. I always had this thing where my head would hurt whenever the weather became unpredictable. And looking at the clouds gathered above, I assumed that was the case.

I was assigned to a tour group and was guided on-board a remotely powered dirigible that was suspiciously anchored to the ground by a pulley system. Regardless, the vehicle was installed with the most silent engine I had ever encountered. This, however, made the roaring of the tower itself more apparent as it droned on in the background like a thundercloud announcing the approaching storm.

During our flight around the dome, our guide explained these power plants would be the future. The new nucleus of civilized society would power all our industries and control most transportation. I inquired as to what could occur in case the wireless connection happened to fail. The guide assured us emergency batteries allowed for a safe landing in case of reception failure, and that there was little chance of explosions or fire due to the absence of fuel.

Apart from that conversation, it was a typical tour proclaiming to investors and customers alike what a boon Jupiter Power was to humanity. The Guide kept referring to it as free energy as if there is such a thing as 'free' in this world.

Looking down on the dome, however, was impressive. Donning darkened glasses for protection, we observed electric jolts leaping across the steel landscape from rafter to rafter faster than the eye could blink. These bolts seemed quaint, however, compared to the thunderous bursts lighting up the structure’s interior as if the God of Lightning had been caged within its core.

After that experience, everything else seemed underwhelming. The visitor center was mostly educational, showing off science experiments to entertain children and gullible adults. Quite honestly, I felt duped myself. I was being led around like a child, and only shown what they wanted me to see. An Electrostatic generator using a moving belt to accumulate an electric charge. A Jupaphone to create musical lightning. Artworks of fluorescent lighting. Drones to deliver singing telegrams. They portray the future as a technological wonderland, joyful and free. This became all the more apparent when I left at sundown.

Sitting in my train cabin I looked back at the dome one last time. That’s when I took a pause and watched the clouds contract around the violet corona emanating from the top. Like the tongues of a bonfire, Saint Elmo's flames rose from the Thunder Dome, painting the gathering clouds an ominous violet akin to an alien sky. That is what they don’t want us to think about. A future if, or when, JPU becomes the only source of electric power. When all transportation and communications depend on JPU’s wireless systems. The reality of what it is like to live beneath violet skies.

My head hurts now, as It did then. There is a storm coming. My head feels it.

May we live through these interesting times.




Salutations 91,

As ya requested, I had a look at one of those towers o’ yours. I managed to get within viewin’ distance of C22-3, New Mexico. Not as easy as it sounds. They have mounted militia patrolling the perimeter, for the safety of the company town of course. But I managed to get a vantage point from a nearby rock.

Need to be quick. These transmissions are expensive... The base of the tower is surrounded by the company town, and supporting facilities are both inside and around the tower's base. These facilities range from advanced workshops to janitorial staff. And everything is heavily guarded. Barbed wire, gated fences, watchtowers, the works. I suppose they are really afraid of corporate espionage. Assumin’ they are not trying to keep people inside. This whole setup kinda reminds me of Novapolis. Just sayin’.

As I lay there in the shadow of a rock, an anomaly caught my eye. I saw something runnin’, leaving a trail of dust in its wake. I thought it was a bird, like a small ostrich-like thing speedin’ across the prairie. It was certainly no bird I have ever seen, so I produced my spyglass and honed in on the animal. Except it wasn’t. It was robotic-bird on long hind legs and a swan-like neck holding a camera at the end, or something like that. Instead of a tail, it had an antenna. I wager that's how the thing is powered as it scoots across the prairie like a headless chicken. My theory is that the thing is just a scout. Something keeping an eye on things as it runs across the plains. Prototype stuff. I’m telling you these ********* are up inventing stuff in there that they are not sharing with the rest of the world. And they have all the power they could ever need.

Hope it helps ya sleep at night. Associate 299 out.

C22-A1: Marconni's Proposition letter. 1875.

Esteemed members of the Chair of the Association of Ishtar,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Joseph Marconni. An entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor, representing Jupiter Power Unlimited. Over the years, JPU has acquired invaluable knowledge on Outsider technology and has sought to find ways to implement these for the common good, just like Utter-Krapp. And just like U-K, we have a lot to offer the world.

I propose to you the following. One of the greatest stumbling blocks for any civilization has been the availability of energy. Since the invention of fire and windmills, our biggest achievement in energy production has been how we can make it bigger and more efficient.

I and my companions have developed the next revolution in power generation and transmission: Free Wireless Energy. That's right. Energy creation that doesn't require natural resources of any kind.

In the attached patent I describe a functional prototype for a transmission tower. I propose to you this system that allows us to transfer energy wirelessly to every household on the globe. No cables or conduits are required. Many of your senior members will recall what the world was like before electricity, and the prosperity and comfort it brought to their households. We can provide power to the poorest families in the most remote regions of their respective communities with investments in infrastructure.

We have proposed this to local governments, international committees, and businesses for approval. The final step in bringing this brighter future into being is for the Association of Ishtar and JPU to come to a mutual understanding, establishing common ground on the application of technology with otherworldly origins in order to assure there won't be any destruction of property or harm to befall JPU personnel.

We would like to discuss the matter with the Chair in person. We wait patiently in anticipation of your response.

- Representing Jupiter Power Unlimited, J.M.J. Marconni, June 14th, 1875

C22-A2: Interview With J.M.J. Marconni, 1875.

The Association agreed to meet with JPU spokesperson Joseph Marconni at an undisclosed location. The following is an audio segment of the conversation with the 5th Chairman

Chairman: You confirmed having acquired this Tier V technology through clandestine


Marconni: Yes sir. It is quite a long, long tale, but at the end, we succeeded.

Chairman: And where did you acquire this technology?

Marconni: I won't disclose my sources.

Chairman: That is unfortunate. Because that would make you compliant to assisting Inter-

planar smuggling of information.

Marconni: Excuse me?

Chairman: Article 2 of the Brussels Accords, Mr. Marconni. The fraudulent acquisition,

transport, and possession of other-worldly objects, including any

documentation on such objects, and the assistance therein is an internationally

recognized crime. Article 3 stipulates that any research based on such

objects, and relevant documentation, is just as illegal.

Marconni: I've got an exemption under Article 5 of that very accord, Chairman.

Chairman: That exemption was granted by RA's Board of Directors, not by us.

Marconni: ... Excuse me?

Chairman: Let me make this clear to you. We do not serve RA, we are their allies. This

exemption means nothing to us. It just so happens that their interests align with

ours most of the time.

Marconni: Is that a threat?

Chairman: I learned it is more effective to warn than threaten. So, this is my warning. The

moment we discover you are using Outsider technology for personal benefit

or, God forbid, in league with Outsiders, the reprisal will be swift and without


Marconni: If I can convince you that this would help your cause, will you cease your warnings?

Chairman: Perhaps.

Marconni: Very well... More Rifts are opening every year. Prognosis suggests that in the next

50 years, these might become a serious hazard to societies, especially to


Chairman: Hmpf, Agreed.

Marconni: A network-based on wireless power, centralized and therefore easily secured, can

ensure communities keep receiving power. This goes for other, more common

disasters as well. Were a line between the substations be damaged, we simply

restore the cable.

Chairman: Utter-Krapp will like that...

Marconni: W-well. In our contract with U-K it is stipulated we would lease bandwidth to them…

Chairman: Oh? U-K is in on this?

Marconni: Well, just their entertainment and broadcasting branch. They have manufacturing

capabilities we do not yet possess.

Chairman: Interesting. If I were a company with large power needs I would also be very

intrigued by free energy. I would place one of those towers right next to my

Headquarters, wouldn't you?

Marconni: Y-yes. Ah, matter a fact the first station will be built in Flevoland

Chairman: Smart. Manufacturing at hand to deal with all those thieving issues.

Marconni: Yes, Chairman... Please understand, I'm a businessman. It is not my job to infer our

partner's ulterior motives... Speaking of which, can't we come to some.

arrangement? I have some rudimentary knowledge of your organization, and I can

imagine you have great energy needs.

Chairman: This comes very close to bribery, Mr. Marconni.

Marconni: Perish the thought, no. This is a negotiation. That is how business is conducted...

So, can we do business, Chairman?

Chair: All very tempting... However, you are missing the most obvious concern.

Marconni: Oh... Please, enlighten me.

Chairman: What would this civilization think when they see your wonders being erected?

Marconni: I fail to see how it's any of their concern?

Chairman: They tend to make it their concern. You yourself suggested we are living on

borrowed time.

Marconni: I mean... The world survived the Great Flood. Hell, with all this power available

we could build enough arks for all of humanity.

Chairman: Would God allow it… Remember Babylon?

Marconni: I ensure you, this is by no means-

Chairman: You have not answered my previous question, Mr. Marconni. What would

you do when a plane connected to our own created, free energy?

Marconni: [...] I see... You're suggesting, they might be up to no good. But, come on. How

many Tier V civilizations are we already connected to?

Chairman: Confidential information. We have been doing our utmost to hide our

existence to these worlds. Hide our... power levels, so to speak. Make them

think we are just some backward dimension, unworthy of their attention. Our

efforts have had mixed r