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Updated: May 5, 2022

Greetings fellow Travelers,

It's April first, and I have no jokes to tell. But I have some wonderful updates and an important announcement! 2000 words writing challenge, "Esteemed Members of the Chair!" Read the details here! Our first attempt to get more creators involved with the universe!

Overall, March has been a relatively quiet month, trying to put more steam behind the book "Bound for the Styx". Being 74.000 in now, about 24.000 words from last month, I'm not making the speed I'd like to, but I am grateful for the progress that has been made.

But first, new patron reward on Patreon and Subscribestar. Help pay the upkeep for this website and other regular expenses and get rewarded for doing so. This is a new coloring page by Jimbeckman1208. A scene from my upcoming story about Igraine visiting Arkology, the self-proclaimed Capital of the Multiverse, to get an operation.

But like all great things in life, her new augmentations aren't free. Now Igraine is indebted to our very own Dankaert Lexicon, aka The Founder, who wants to make use of her technical expertise! Yes, AoI is going to intersect with RRF! Posting the Prologue of the first draft on Patreon soon.


Yes, coloring book. Making good progress. Final drawings are being made. But now the big news. We are going to do our first Kickstarter. I'm planning to launch it in June on my birthday! It's fitting because this year is also our 10 year anniversary of being active in the Steampunk scene. Celebrate with us as we grow our audience on Kickstarter. Get a head start and follow us on KS today!

Currently, the goal is a coloring book with thirteen wonderful coloring pages by various artists from all over the world, including scenes both from the books and the short stories. It's our first-ever crowdfunding, so it's going to be very exciting.

New story

Despite everything, managed to squeeze out a new short story exploring the Association's mysterious past and introducing a new group into the world. Are they friend or foe? Go check it out in C-02: The Envoy from Beyond.

What more?

Miniatures! Yes, the minis designed by Zmiy Studios are about to be printed! Here is a test print of the Call Girl. The other is Associate 212 from the Wrench in the Machine. Both will also have bookend versions for your bookshelves. The goal is to sell 20 models before ordering new designs of your favorite characters. Do you want these models to be part of the Kickstarter? Let us know your thoughts.

Speaking of the Call Girl. Its video is now live, with music composed by our friend Musical Wizardry, and the voice of Natasha Klassen of Subgenres as Dr. Jenever!

We also continue our videos on Steampunk and World Building! Here is an old bugaboo of mine. The role of historical clothing in Steampunk and fiction in general.

There's more, like new interviews on the channel, and more stuff to come. But these were the highlights.

If you want to support our projects, and the artists involved, please check out the support us section of the site and get some unique rewards to boot, like coloring plates and desktop backgrounds. For just 2 dollars a month you would help greatly and get some awesome Patrons-only content.

Want to meet other Steampunks, History- and fellow Indy-Writers enthusiasts, Join our Discord.

I hope you'll have a productive April. Take care, and make it your way Bonsart

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