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Join our first Writing Challenge!

Good day Everyone, Happy to announce our first-ever writing challenge! We are even throwing in a prize. All worthy submissions will be added to the growing collection of AoI stories, with credit of course.

This is an informal challenge with the intention of making bigger ones in the future and expanding the Multiverse of the Association of Ishtar. If you have questions or suggestions let us know. Copywriting for the stories belongs to creators, but other contributors to AoI are allowed the expand on the ideas and characters contained within. In the case of the latter, please discuss this with the original author as a courtesy.

What is the Challenge?

1. Write an Association of Ishtar story max. 2000 words starting with:

"Esteemed members of the Chair,"

2. It can be a Construct, Subject, Phenomenon, or Plane submission. Please make sure its somewhat consistent in style to the existing entries. For more info, click here

For examples of AoI stories

For further questions, suggestions, etc. please join our discord and ask your questions in #writng-challenge. Q&A will be added to this blog as questions pour in. This is the first time we do this, so keep an eye on this blog.

3. Submit to in DOC. format.

4. Deadline first of May, 12 PM CET.

Prize? Win an E-book of The Wrench in the Machine.

Welcome to the multiverse!

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