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Updated: May 5, 2022

Greetings fellow Travelers,

It's already the end of February, and what a month it has been. One can't help but mention the situation in Ukraine. I have friends there. I know creators, and people who have family in that region. Just when the restrictions are lifted here in the Netherlands and some other places, the world seemed to have found something else to drive us mad about.

The Call Girl by Octafox

I am not the type to post things like "I stand with Ukraine" or other forms of slacktivism. I reached out to the people I know there, check o how they are doing. Octafox, somebody who made the first concept of 'The Call Girl' is currently there. She still making art regardless. What else can we do? Check out her Instagram and wish her family luck during these dark times.

Another creator you should be aware of is Natasha Klassen of Subgenres. The creator of the new Steampunk Streaming service that currently going through a transition. Her family is from Ukraine, and we regularly spoke of her insane family history from the First World War onward. If you are a creator or a musician who makes videos or audio content, contact her. I'm sure she'll make room for your content.

My final thoughts. Don't let the news bulletins get to you. Apart from the fog of war, there is a lot of miss-information out there spread by both sides of the aisle. Not to mention footage being spread by people claiming it is from this conflict but is actually older footage from other wars and even other countries. So, focus on your friends and loved ones, and what you can do the help the civilian population. And remember, there are plenty of battles that need to be fought back home as well.

Speaking of Subgenres. If all goes alright the Association of Ishtar stories will be on Pay-per-view as I announced on the latest video on writing. A new series dedicated to World Building, what it is, and how to not let it get in the way of your story, but make it part of the narrative.

Despite having few units sold so far, the reviews of 'The Wrench in the Machine' are pretty consistent. Great World Building with great pacing. One way of accomplishing that is by constructing my sentences a certain way, the other by making them part of the character progression. In theory, this sounds pretty basic fare, but few videos discuss how to put theory into practice. So, that is what I'm trying to accomplish in this new series. I also wrote a companion blog on how to write sentences. It's very technical, so I probably won't make a video on it.

Furthermore, I've been working on the audiobook of the Wrench in the Machine. Here is the chapter on S-36: The Call Girl, with a guest performance with the aforementioned Natasha Klassen (timing is pure coincidence). This is the first story I ever wrote for the series. It might not be the best, but it's still the favorite villain of the series and the foundation of where the series would be adding both in style as a world. It's also the main subject of our comics!

I mentioned a collaboration with Zmiy Studios which you can find on Instagram. Here is a preview of what we are working on. More on that in the future.

Finally, more art the coloring book project has been completed. I also learned the number of artists I can manage at a time. You might have noticed many of these are all B&W. That's because it's for a coloring book. However, if you want to see more colored artwork in the future and in our videos please check out the support us section of the site and get some unique rewards to boot, like coloring plates and desktop backgrounds. For just 2 dollars a month you would help greatly and get some awesome Patrons-only content. But first, support the charity above.

Want to meet other Steampunks, History- and Scifi enthusiasts, Join our Discord.

Progress on the next novel is over 50.000 words in now. The plots have been outlined, but writing progress has not been what I hoped it to be. I strive to have the first draft is nearing completion by April. I hope you'll have a productive March. Take care, and make it your way Bonsart

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