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The Call Girl

"When receiving messages from Subject-36, either on paper or audio, Associates are to call for reinforcements. If these options are not available, avoid being alone and especially in small spaces. S-36 prefers to ambush its victims."

- Dr Bourbon



S-36 appears to be a female version of ███, based upon its prosthesis, above-normal

reflexes and strength. Overall appearance is that of a young woman wearing clothes

according to the latest trends in fashion within the local culture.

Most notable features of S-36 are her collapsible birdlike prosthetic legs and multiple

tattoos of number-symbols that have been crossed out, covering her face, neck, and

shoulders. We suspect these numbers might represent Associates who have gone missing

on previous expeditions. This matter is still under investigation.



Subject-36 contacts her targets in advance before attacking. Either she leaves written messages, making her intentions clear, or contacts them directly through Short Waveband (FM) radio devices or wireless telegraphs. These transmissions start off with a musical tune, played in punch tape tunes, followed by a string of numbers announced by a woman.


What follows is a recorded message, received on February 2nd, 1871. The recorded message starts after a punch tape tune starts playing that has similarities to the song ‘Roses in the Rain’ by The Blokes from Burningham.

"...8, 14, 68, 54, 121, 251... 8, 14, 68, 54, 121, 251 ... 8, 14, 68, 54, 121, 251..."

These numbers corresponded with the designations of the Associates present at the time. How S-36 acquired this information, or our Associates' frequency is unknown. An initial attack by S-36 usually follows within four hours.

Based on encounters on Planes 007, 067, 155 and 169 it is assumed S-36 is able to move through Rifts, making her exceptionally dangerous. Also, for unknown reasons, S-36 seems to have it out for members of the Association specifically.

S-36 prefers to ambush her targets and engage them in close quarters, for which she seems especially designed.

Associates described the Subject as agile and sadistic. During engagements, rather than defending, she acts evasively, using her ability to leap to great heights to disappear behind cover and strike from concealed positions. S-36 prefers to immobilize her targets before killing them. However, her agility comes at the expense of protection and most handguns can harm or damage her. See Log S-36 for an eyewitness account.


Transcript debriefing, Associate-8 on 1st of October 1870 by Dr. Jenever. The interviewed, Associate-8, returned alone from Plane-007 after he was ambushed by S-36.


Doctor Jenever:                       "Welcome back, Associate.”

Associate 8:                           “Ahh. Didn't think you cared, Doctor.”

Doctor Jenever:                       "Could you please take this seriously, for once?”

Associate 8:                           (The Associate slams fist on the table) “Let me tell you how serious I am, Doctor! Another two                                              dead Associates at the hands of that, that thing. What the hell was that?”

Doctor Jenever:                        “... Well, that's why we invited you here. To find out-”

Associate 8:                           “You know exactly what it is... It knows who we are, our numbers even. And whose                                                         numbers were those tattooed on her face?”

Doctor Jenever:                         “We are investigating the matter.”

Associate 8:                            “That is not an answer, Doc!”

Doctor Jenever:                         “Could you please just answer the questions?”

Associate 8:                             (sigh) “Sure.”

Doctor Jenever:                         “Could you describe what attacked you?”

Associate 8:                            “Freaky looking lass with roughly built prosthetics limbs. Legs looked like those of a chicken.”

Doctor Jenever:                         “A chicken. Like, bird legs?”

Associate 8:                            “Yeah, she was quick on her feet as well. Could jump, run and everything. Never fought                                                   anything like that before. Arms and hands looked more normal though. Used straight                                                       bladed knives to off ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ and ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓'

Doctor Jenever:                         “What about her intelligence?”

Associate 8:                            “Human, I'd think. Too sadistic to be just a machine. Could see her smile as she cut into                                                     poor ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓”

Doctor Jenever:                         “Please refrain from using real names, please.”

Associate 8:                            “Oh, sod off. Is that all we are now? Numbers to be crossed off a ledger, Doc?”

Doctor Jenever:                        “You know why... Associate?”

Associate 8:                            “Why don't you just call me ██████, ey? Makes it a little more personal, partner. Equals,                                               as we used to call it back when I joined the Association. Oh, but how times have                                                           changed.”

Doctor Jenever:                        “I will not discuss this matter with you. What else can you tell me about-”

Associate 8:                           “She covered their faces with numbers. That creepy doll face has our numbers on it. Most                                                  are crossed out, but not all of them... She has your number too, Doctor...”

[End of transcript]

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