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ONE DAY LEFT! Why You should support the book the Casket Girls Kickstarter in the coming 24 hours! And STEAMPUNK RPG news

Long story short! We unlocked new stretch goals since my last update. At this time we have 126 backers! That is far more than I hoped for! If you pledge on a physical copy of the Casket Girls you can get, an exclusive cover, a free art nouveau poster, bookmarks, postcards, and a free E-comic that includes the original Casket Girl story.

I haven't even talked about all the new miniatures that we added. More below

My message to you is brief.

One day left to support the Casket Girls on Kickstarter. A story about maidens in Steampunk #mecha fighting alien monsters.

Get free stuff!

New Steampunk Lore Drop!

Steampunk RPG progress

Zmiy is hard at work on the new minis for your tabletop adventures. We have to whole set now available with a discount, including the premium extras. Sean, our game dev is playtesting as we speak. As I mentioned before, I hope to have a playable ruleset by September that we can Demo on Spiel Essen and Teslacon. Below is a preview of Playable Characters. Did you know you can get your likeness included by selecting the draw-in tier on Kickstarter OR by supporting us on REAM STORIES?

steampunk mecha sculpture kickstarter reward

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