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Why the Casket Girls Kickstarter Campaign is More Than Just a Funding Goal.

After a new influx of generous Backers, we reached our new Stretch Goal, unlocking a digital comic for all tiers! S-36 is the first story I've ever written for the Association of Ishtar, so it made sense that the first comic I made included her. However, this was not enough for a full comic book, so I included a short story: Lights in the Dark, that introduced the Introduction of the Casket Girls and their CB-3s. 

We are now on the verge of reaching a new stretch goal with a hundred backers. What is it going to be... It's a secret. But... I will reveal one secret in this post. But first!

Speaking of Steampunk Mechas. I'm experimenting with a new format for our lore videos explaining the background of the Association of Ishtar.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this format.

Next, we have an art contest. Tell your friends!

Steampunk art contest Casket Girls

New miniature progress

Zmiy is hard at work on the new minis. Here is the progress on Associate 247, The Assassin, and the Airborne Dragoon so far. You can find them under the Add-ons. We now also have an expansion of the Steampunk Mecha! An open cockpit with Toinette sitting on top! Both available as a Premium Reward or Add-on

steampunk mecha sculpture kickstarter reward

steampunk associate tabletop miniature kickstarter reward
Associate 247

steampunk casket Girl tabletop miniature kickstarter reward
Casket Girl

steampunk Dragoon tabletop miniature kickstarter reward

But what do these mini's mean?

This is not some frivolous expense. It's to draw attention to the project. Why? This weekend I finished the registration for SPIEL ESSEN. The Biggest Board Gaming convention in the world. Not only will I present our books, but also our RPG. Yes, the RPG will hopefully done by September! And we are working hard on art assets for it.

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