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The Casket Girls are Coming! Cover Reveal!

He is the new book cover for the Casket Girls!

Now I can finally do a cover reveal of issue 1! Want another awesome cover like this. When we reach 100 followers, we'll create an alternate cover!

Now, you might wonder. Can I read a preview of this awesome new book? Yes. You can by becoming a follower on REAM. If you become a member, you even get to read before anyone else does! And you help us make more awesome content to boot.

Soon, I have another amazing announcement I know some of you have been waiting for a long time. And yes, that means new REAM members will also get amazing new benefits. So, stay tuned!

We also have a new video. Watch me come to some conclusions about the current state of Youtube aesthetics as I observe these blasts from the past. New ALt History Videos in the Works.

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