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The manuscript is done, and other updates!

- Birthday Discount on Amazon


What's Next?

- The Coffin Girls are being dispatched

- New submission guidelines

- Can't get enough of Anwin and Igraine?

Introduction to Bound for the Styx

Greetings fellow travelers,

June is at hand and the manuscript of Bound for the Styx is done! A novel of just under 99.000 words is current at the publisher for review. Click here to check out the back flap down below.

It also happens that June 2 is my 40th birthday, so to celebrate, this week June 2 to 9, The Wrench in the Machine and The Call Girl are at A DISCOUNT on Amazon. You don't have to read Book 1 to enjoy Bound for the Styx. But the first book does include formative events in Ingraine's personality. And to put the readers of the first book at ease. Yes. Ol'Barrow does make a return, be it in a minor role. Do you want to see more of Ol'Barrow? Let me know.

Overall, May has been exhausting. Getting the manuscript done was one reason. But it also turned out how strained some of my personal relationships had become in the wake of the lockdowns. And how working from home and how publishing my work has changed my routines. It's obvious I need to make some serious changes in my lifestyle, starting with getting a roommate. Yes, I am getting a cat! Miss, Elisabeth Swan, or Lisa for short. She's a female Cheeto (related to the Bengales). Meanwhile I am looking for creative societies to broaden my horizons.

Finally, we have set up a Kickstarter in Prelaunch for our first coloring book with original art set inside of the same setting. Please give the project a follow so you won't miss a single announcement and share it with your friends!

What's next?
Concept art of Neir by Jenkins Artwork

Well, first of all. The Bound for the Styx is far from done. I'm confident it will be approved but then comes editing. New art needs to make, and finally the formating. Work on new stories has already been started.

I am considering working next on a novella-sized anthology of pulp stories continuing the tales of the Coffin Girls serving in the Imperial Penal Legion. So, expect mechas fighting alien invasions while trying to survive.

I already started work on a series of traditional pulp stories of Igraine and her doll Anwin. A little glimpse of Igraine's future life with her doll Anwin. But what is this? Anwin is dancing? What kinda dark sorcery is this? Find out here!

Art by Yohan Alexander. Coloring plate available to patrons soon

I've been hard at work clarifying the submission process for the Association of Ishtar

submissions along with summing up some of the lore. These resulted in various blogs that all lined on the new submission page.

But these were the highlights. If you want these newsletters in your mailbox, don't forget to subscribe to the website. If you want to support our projects, and the artists involved, please check out the support us section of the site and get some unique rewards to boot, like coloring plates and desktop backgrounds. For just 2 dollars a month you would help greatly and get some awesome Patrons-only content.

Want to meet other Steampunks, History- and fellow Indy-Writers enthusiasts, Join our Discord.

I hope you'll have a productive May. Take care, and make it your way Bonsart

Backflap: Bound for the Styx

Igraine was but a crippled girl on the verge of becoming an adult when she went on a journey to a destination only known to her by name. The city of Arkology.

The Multiverse is home to many worlds inhospitable to humans. But Arkology might be the most alien of them all. It’s a community of people who all lost their respective worlds to every imaginable catastrophe. After being dropped off by an entity only known as the White Airship they must fend for themselves inside the overgrown ruins of Hades which is home to alien flora and every imaginable horror known to the Multiverse

Igraine is sent to this place to be healed. But before she offered a cure, Igraine must prove herself to her mysterious benefactor. First, she must survive the challenging lifestyle all of Arkology’s denizens most get accustomed to, lest she’d end up in the notorious Styx like all others who perish in this place. Igraine gets taught the scav’s way to survive but also learns about the many opportunities the self-styled Capital of the Multiverse has to offer.

The second book of the Association of Ishtar continues the story of Igraine Mortuba after the events of The Wrench in the Machine. Can Igraine prove herself to a society of refugees that no longer fear death while navigating the machinations of Arkology’s Founder? Find out in Bound for the Styx.

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