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Anwin! Adventures in Responsible Doll Ownership, Part1

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

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After the strange event of the day, Igraine was sitting at her desk with her arms crossed.

On the counter, Anwin was sitting like the plush dolls she was, smiling that stitched smile while staring up at her with those black buttons resembling her eyes.

Just a few days ago, Anwin was just a plush doll. But this morning, she was recovered in the hands of S-243. A creepy Subject with an obsession for tinkering. Its purpose or motivation was unknown. So, what possessed the Subject to take a toy and animate it was a similar mystery.

Igraine had a hard time coming to grips that Anwin now possessed a will of her own. But her motivations or purpose remained a mystery, just like her creator. “What am I gonna do with you?” Igraine sighed.

Anwin crawled to her feet like a toddler, looked up at Igraine, and held her glove-like hands up in the air.

“Hum. What is it?”

Still reaching up, Anwin stumbled forward as she tried to stand on her toes.

“Oh…” Igraine caught her and then cradled the doll just like she used to. “So, you still like to cuddle,” she said as Anwin rolled herself up between her arms. “Good. Well. It’s been a tiring day. Let's go to sleep.” And so she put Anwin on her bed.

But as Igraine was taking off her clothes, Anwin was walking up the ledge holding her arms raised.

“Just a moment Anwin.”

But the doll started jumping up and down to get her attention. But then she slipped on the sheets and tumbled down the bed.

“Anwin!” Igraine reached down to pick her friend up from the ground. “Look what you just did.”

Anwin, however, didn’t show any signs of shame as she reached her arms out again.

Igraine put her back on the bed. “Sit, and wait till I’m done.”

Anwin got up instead.

“Sit down!” As Igraine tried to put her down again, Anwin was twisting and turning in resistance like an energetic puppy and showed no signs of doing as she was told.

“Damn you, Anwin!” Looking over her shoulder, Igraine noticed the top drawer of her closet. She used her manipulator to open it remotely and then put the rowdy doll inside.* “There you go. You stay there.”

Anwin peered over the ledge. When she realized the height, she tried to climb up the top of the cupboard instead. But when the ornate gable was too high, she started to explore the insides of the drawer instead.

Igraine grinned as she listened to Anwin stumbling around like a trapped rat. “Let that be a lesson to you,” she berated her and continued getting ready for bed. But as she put on her gown, she could feel Anwin’s gaze. “Good night Anwin.” Igraine lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. But even when it was dark, and not even the hall lights could disturb her, she couldn’t help but think about Anwin. As she opened her augmented eye, she could see Anwin peering at her across the ledge. This was her first night in this world, and already, she was being punished. Groaning, Igraine got up.

The doll was already climbing the side as Igraine walked up to her. “Not so quick, you little trouble maker,” she said, reaching out to her. Holding her at arm's length, Igraine gave her a stern look. “Will you behave?”

Anwin just looked at her.

“Nod if you will,” said Igraine bowing her head.

Anwin nodded.

Igraine couldn’t help but smile. “Good.” She held the doll to her chest and returned to bed.

Anwin crawled under her arm as Igraine lay down, and once she found her place just froze, just like the doll she used to be. Smiling, Igraine cuddled her lifetime friend, feeling nostalgic about her childhood.

*Spoiler for the Wrench in the Machine:

Igraine has a device implanted in her left hand that allows her to pull and lift objects from afar.


A concept I had in my mind. People really seem to enjoy Igraine's and Anwin's relationship. And I enjoy writing them as well. Igraine however, will be growing older and like all adults will need to let go. Instead, I want to make her become responsible for Anwin, kinda let a pet owner, whilst taking on her responsibilities as an Associate.

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