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Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Bound for the Styx

Greetings fellow travelers,

First, sorry to my subscribers for the delay in getting this newsletter out...Pffffffff. Alright. Been busy. We have big plans. Yada, yada. Where to start?

As you can see, miss Swann has trust issues. But she is warming up a little every day... If I can find her.

Alright. Got a new roommate on my birthday. Miss Elizabeth Swann. Unfortunately, this 4-year-old lady has a problem adjusting, so it has been a chore to integrate her into the household. But there has been some progress.

What about the next book? Bound for the Styx is at the publisher for editing. Hopefully, work will start on it soon. The cover is still in the pre-concept phase. But it's coming.

Speaking of which. Can't wait to read it? We made early access a tier for Bound for the Styx on our Kickstarter, which now has a launch date! I am working with a promoter who is helping me

Igraine as a pricket in Arkology
Variant cover for the coloring book by Jim Beckman

We are working on new art. Stretch goals, variant covers, and special merch. You can even get your own custom art.

Want your character included in future art or comics. Let us know! We might make it a tier.

Wait? did you say, comics?

Yes. Yohan Alexander and I have been making concept art for a comic adaptation of the Arkology Reports. A prequel of sorts to Bound for the Styx. But more on that in the future.

Want something to read now? Check out "Adventures in responsible Doll Ownership.". A series inspired by Igraine's relationship with her doll Anwin. But now Anwin has a will of her own. That is right, Anwin has become alive. It sounds like every kid's dream come true. But in these tales Igraine is forced to take the role of a responsible doll owner while trying to figure out what its creator is up to. Part 3 is currently in early access on Patreon and Subscribe Star. The other two parts are already on this blog. My publisher has already agreed to publish this as a short anthology of cute Igraine and Anwin stories filled with mystery and an exploration of friendship, responsibility, and cute doll antics.

Finally. Support our Kickstarter! Our pre-launch page is up! Please follow and share it with your friends.

Photo of the month

You can find the author's work through his author page on Amazon.

If you want to support our projects, and the artists involved, please check out the support us section of the site and get some unique rewards to boot, like coloring plates and desktop backgrounds. For just 2 dollars a month you would help greatly and get some awesome Patrons-only content.

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