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It's my Birthday! Get a Free trial for REAM Stories. Let's talk Dieselpunk and Steampunk RPG

Greetings Fellow travelers,

Dieselpunk girl with game boxes
Igraine and Ol'Barrow preparing for SPIEL

FREE REAM STories Trial

Sunday is my BIRTHDAY. Therefore I have a promo code for my REAM Stories page where you'll get a FULL MONTH subscription for free so you can see how you like it! When picking the Informant or Associate Tier, use Promocode BBDAY to get a 100% discount.

For my Dutch friends, I'll be at Bendefestijn, in Nieuwcuijck tomorrow! Hope to see you there!

RPG Progress

I'm well aware I am neglecting the blog. I've been very busy working on the RPG, stories, and lore to get that ready for September without burning myself out. There also had been some production hiccups for the KS that I needed to address. But I'm making plans to get weekly posts going. But first I want to finish writing the lore for the RPG book so I can get feedback on that. I'm making a lot of facts and characters up on the fly as I really dislike designing worlds this way, but you all forced my hand. Also working on some short stories to get sprinkled along the way.

Let's Talk Dieselpunk

My Friend Tony Snipes recently made a video comparing Steampunk and Dieselpunk. What was intended to be a simple reaction video turned into a full essay. So be it. Looking forward to your reactions.

Latest Lore Video

Finally, a new lore video just dropped. The History of Cayenne with a guest appearance of Tinglesmith ASMR on youtube

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