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Free Steampunk Ebooks Giveaway

Good morning, everyone,

Currently, I'm participating in a Free e-book giveaway, Gear and Gaslight! I'm trying out new book funnel promos to grow my audience by sharing stuff made by fellow Indy creators. Get your SCIFI Fantasy Steampunk fix and #A fix for free today! And yes, It includes Association of Ishtar books as well! Get your free books today and share this link with your friends. It means a great deal.

Steampunk robot pilot with tatoos
The Casket Girls are Enroute

Reward Update

We have entered the final phase of book distribution! The EU versions are already en route to the backers who filled out the survey. (Seriously, please fill out the survey.)The books for the rest of the world have been ordered and should reach the distributor in late June. So you should have your copies in July. Have you checked out the E-books. I would love to hear your feedback!

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