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August Update

Oof, I posted no updates this month. But I've been very busy. So, here are some updates regarding the upcoming books, Kickstarter and Short Stories.

First of all, I posted two new videos. Continuing the Writrs diaries series as several writers started work on the AoI submissions :D I still need to work on the manual to clarify my vision.

Have I been working on books? Yes. Yes, I have. Anwin is nearing completion! Yohan did an outstanding job making Anwin adorable in her own creepy way, and I am already working on ideas for part 2.

I'm also continuing work on the Casket Girls, and after the second draft is done, I'll be looking for Proofreaders.

But the Kickstarter has priority, of course. I hope to reach 75 followers (50% of my follower goal ) soon. The funds of this campaign will go to future issues of the series, as comics are expensive. As a matter of fact, LORD OTTER has already written a review. Don't worry. The errors have already been remedied :)

Really looking forward to starting formatting the special edition in A4. It will be my first hardcover book. Still considering what will be on the bonus pages.

Outtake of Journey to Elysium. Our #steampunk #comic and space travel and exploration. Coming to Kickstarter this Fall.

Finally, the transfer of the Short stories to REAM STORIES is complete. This means you get weekly short stories now for free. All you'll need to do is follow on the page. If you want full access to our E-books or previews of Anwin and the Casket Girls, become a member! All the money will support my illustrators, who make the series wonderful art.

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