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We have a New Store, and other updates.

Greeting fellow travelers, It's been a while. Busy preparing for a photo shoot this weekend while Yohan is working on the final illustrations for Bound for the Styx. It's going to be great. The biggest addition is that I finally have a functional store on Gumroad! This is good for you because not only are these books and bundles cheap than on sites like Amazon. The money will go to the creator itself! And in the future, I will add some additional bonus content. I'm also looking to add some free content on there as well, like our pattern for an Associate Mask so that you can make your very own Associate. More on that next time. Curious about what we have on offer? Visit our Gumroad store, and don't forget to favorite our page! Physical copies will be available soon.

Kickstarter update

With 71 backers, we might have sold over a hundred (E)books! OVER ONE HUNDRED! All the pledges ha

ve been collected :D I expect the payout at the end of the week. Most surveys have in as well. I hope to start distribution in the second week of May. If all goes well, everyone should have their physical copies in before July. I am so looking for your reactions to Bound for the Styx. I can not emphasize enough how important it is. Did I make a profit? No. But this gives me the financial flexibility to take on more artists for more illustrations. It is easy to understate how much lore the Association of Ishtar has. And there is so much more to expand upon. I have new submission guidelines in mind that, I hope, will lower the bar for submissions.

Meanwhile, I'm looking for proofreaders for Anwin! Everyone's favorite doll's first big adventure. If you are interested, please contact me. In the meantime, I am working on The Casket Girls, and I have some short stories in mind.


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