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The Steampunk Beginners Guide

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Finally, I finished the second compilation video of the Steampunk Beginners Guide. Apparently, the first compilation I made is the most popular video on Radio Retrofuture right now, and my newer videos are drastically dragging behind. So, here is 'Second season'. It represents several years of work, and the initial response to this video has been great, despite the long hiatus. This is probably the longest Steampunk Doc out there right now. Hopefully, I can make the time the produce new episodes next year. But with some stylistic differences.

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Unknown member
Mar 28, 2022

That's a really good job, thank you! Steampunk may be vast and complicated for beginers. I personally got into the Steampunk world some weeks ago and now I'm just so passionate about it. I also came across a website selling Steampunk costumes, this might interest someone:

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