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The new Comic has dropped.

Geareetings fellow travelers, Our comic, Journey to Elysium: The Remains of Babylon, is now available! And it's looking amazing! Yohan has really outdone himself. Later this year, I intend to take it to Kickstarter so we can fund issue number Two. Follow me on Kickstarter if you don't want to miss the prelaunch. If we reach 100 followers before the launch, I might commission a new miniature. Follow me there today!

I also found a way to get my paperbacks published on Ingram Sparks. So, you should be able to order my books in your local stores! Today I published Bound for the Styx. Other titles will soon follow. So, if somebody wants to try that, let me know how it goes.

In other news. Ream Stories! I want to move my crowdfunding/subscribtions to a new platform that is still running out new functions. Not only is this platform optimized for writers. They strive to give readers a superior experience. What I like about it, is the ease of use to share my books and new stories with you guys. And yes, there are free stories on there as well, so you have no reason not to check it out. As a matter a fact, I might just publish all the new free stories on there instead, and keep the blog for news updates, etc. You have a better overview, and hopefully a superior reading experience.

Why should you support me on Ream?

Apart from regular new stories and access to all our books, and early acces? (Comics and illustrated versions are not yet possible on there, but its coming in 2024) For those who follow me know I am pumping out new content at a very regular basis. Unfortunatly, these are all devoid of art because my publishing business just don't earn enough. To get the benefits to come with being a business, Dutch law demands I'm making profit, which I am not. If you are already supporting me on Patreon, please support me on REAM instead. Unfortunatly the minimum is 3 dollars :( So, if you are a 1 dollar Patron, please keep supporting me there or on Subscribestar. Uploaded this week's new stories to Ream already and the next ones are already queed up. Any one who support us at any level will gains access to all investigations right away. If you are a writer, and interested in joining ream. click here! Hope you have a great week, and off course make it you way.

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