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Story Highlight: The Horror of Chateau Casquette!

"Behind the veil of illuminated smoke, the mass of tendrils was blocking my way.

All I needed to do was get to the ladder. But the creature shifted and coiled itself into an amorphous ball of tendrils, and I could sense it was out for my blood."

The release of the novel is encroaching while I am making the final revisions to the paperback comic. If I had known that the double-page artwork would be an issue It would have done something different, but I am getting there. For our German readers, a German version is being worked on.

The cover reveal of the novel will happen the moment the final revisions have been made.

By now, we entered the spooky month. I am working on a Ghost story, of sorts, for AoI. Currently waiting for feedback.

So, now. Quiet a recent story of exploration and horror and two Associates discover The Horror of Chateau Casquette!

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