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Steampunk comic is Launching soon - And you are all invited to the party!

In just a few more days, on Sunday, October 22, our steampunk comic Journey to Elysium goes live on Kickstarter.

I'm working hard on getting everything done for the Journey to Elysium Launch Party! We have a whole program that includes a new video on the settings lore, free writing work, and an open mic segment for people to share their creative projects and ideas.

This will include our first video with dedicated art to the narrative videos of the series.

However, their efforts don't come for free. Recently, a publisher I talked to asked how much I pay myself. Well, nothing. Because everything I earn at the moment goes to my illustrators, therefore, I hope you'll tell your friends about the series and ask them to support it. For an impression of said art, check out this exclusive preview of the Trailer.

The Association of Ishtar: Investigators of the Multiverse is a #steampunk#mystery series I started writing in 2019. I had no idea in what ways it would develop or what it would turn into. Although I am nowhere near where I would like to be, it's still incredible how far we have gotten. Not only do we have two novels, comics, and RPG in development, but even fans are turning their take on the universe into customs.

The series also has attracted some amazing talent like Alex Castro Illustrator, and Yohan Alexander. They also made the panels for our upcoming. But there are so many more who contributed their time, effort, and creativity to the project.

Our next step would be to get the writing collaborations started.

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