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Steampunk coloring book now for sale

Hello fellow travelers!

The retail version of our coloring is now live! It is a wonderful collection of B&W artwork by various artists from all over the world that works both as an art book and as a wonderful gift for friends and family. Please, support and leave a review 🙂

Let me know if you'd be interested in a simple book for kids Printable PDF's can be ordered through me by email. I'm also looking into publishing on Etsy.

Our other (upcoming) books are also available on Amazon. And, please, leave a review!

The Wrench in the Machine

S-36: The Call Girl


Please share our blogs, and to support our projects and involved artists, please check out the support us section of the site and get some unique rewards to boot, like coloring plates and desktop backgrounds. For just 2 dollars a month, you would help immensely and get some awesome content. Btw. we recommend Subscribestar, because Patreon is becoming less reliable as time goes on.

Want to meet other Steampunks, History- and fellow Indy-Writers enthusiasts? Join our Discord.


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