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September update

Sorry, sorry, sorry,

Neglecting my blogging responsibilities lately. Not due to lack of trying. Just hard at work.

Trying to draft the comic series Journey to Elysium. We have some interesting developments. And scenarios in the stories. Meanwhile, proofreading and editing work on Anwin and The Casket Girls continue.

Anwin, I am particularly hyped about it. And I'm sure you love it! Marketing is going to be a thing, though. But I hope to include the fluffy adventures of this doll in the next Kickstarter, regardless. The art alone is worth it! And Weird Market seems to agree as they have confirmed adding the comic to their 2023 Catalogue!

Outtake of Journey to Elysium. Our steampunk comic and space travel and exploration. Coming to Kickstarter this Fall. So, if you don't follow it. DO IT! Do it right now!

Speaking of Kickstarter news. I decided to include Trading cards. These will be included as Stretch goals along with samples from various other comic creators who want to show you their series and what they are working on. The last thing will be Association patches. That's the merch I am currently confident investing in. For new miniatures, I want to reach 150 followers first. So, tell your friends, comic book lovers, etc., to give our page a follow, and let's give Journey to Elysium a proper lift-off!

Trading card prototypes

Nearly forgot, we have a new video! An odd combination of writing advice, history, and character development. But the feedback overall is positive, so, thank you.

Finally, the transfer of the Short stories to REAM STORIES is complete. This means you get weekly short stories now for free. All you'll need to do is follow on the page. If you want full access to our E-books or previews of Anwin and the Casket Girls, become a member! All the money will support my illustrators, who make the series wonderful art.

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