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Preparations for Castlefest and Art Previews

New roll-up banner

Geareetings fellow travelers,

I am working hard in the background to get things in order. I need to put more effort into convention appearances, so I am working on a booth with the help of some friends. Next weekend I'll be at Castlefest in Lisse with my friend Bepstyle! Yes, I'll be selling books among heaps of hats. Hope to see you there. And, of course, I am preparing a new Kickstarter for our comic book series—Journey to Elysium. If you haven't done so, please follow us today and share it with your friends! For add-ons and rewards, I'm designing stickers and magnets. Would you guys be interested in Posters or displates (metal signs)? I could look into that. And if we reach 125 followers, I commission new mini's for Airborne dragoons.

Upcoming book: Anwin!

Anwin! Book 1 is on track. And Yohan is currently working on the art. Each chapter will have its own illustration, and some chapters will take on the form of a graphic novel as Anwin is performing her own antics.

I'm considering adding it as a special reward to the Kickstarter for those who can't wait the read it to cover the cost of the art (It has a lot of art for a novelette). But the relationship between Anwin and Igraine I've become very passionate about. And I'm considering making kids' books with Anwin as the main character. You know... Because I have no other projects going on (Ahum.)

Other projects

The first draft of my first military Steampunk, the Casket Girls, is done. I need to find some proofreaders for it. If you are interested, please send me an email or contact me on Discord. Need to put an artist to work on a promotional image.

Chalkoutline Games is also working on the AoI RPG. We hope to plan another stream in which we discuss our progress in August. And with that, we reach the end of our updates that I feel confident about sharing at the moment. I intend to move all the current and future short stories to a new Platform, REAM Stories. It's an alternative to Patreon, specially designed for writers and readers, that will give you a better reading experience without the need for PDFs or Kindle. The current readers are very happy with it, and you will too. I hope you'll help me grow our presence there by becoming a follower for free. For a small fee, you also gain access to all our published books. That way you'll help me pay for artists to make more Steampunk art, characters, and other stuff you want to see. Or buy our books from our own Gumroad store. Remember, direct sales help your favorite authors more than buying on Amazon.

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