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My Convention season

Geareetings, fellow travelers, Sorry for the late blog. In between rearranging my apartment, dealing with the heat, and writing the final chapters of The Casket Girls, I am also preparing for a bunch of festival appearances with my books.

But first, are there new stories? Yes, but I am going to post those on REAM Stories from now on. When you go to my page and scroll down, you'll see THE INVESTIGATIONS are free. But you will need a stories account. However, you will have access to new tales every week and a better reading experience. However, it's a new platform, and image support has not been included yet. So, I hope you'll join me at REAM Stories and maybe even become a full member to help me build up the Association of Ishtar Multiverse.

Kickstarter News

The current Kickstarter has nearly been completed. Most rewards have already reached the backers. If you did, please send me the pictures. :) With that said, I am already preparing the next one for our comic series Journey to Elysium. I intended to make this a modest Kickstarter that I hope to launch in Oktober/ November. Issue #1 is already done, but I need the funds for the next issues. I hope you support my campaign (again) either by backing or spreading the word. I will have more news later this week, I hope.

Festivals and Conventions

Next weekend I'll attend El Mundo Fantasia in Landgraaf (NL), and the month after, I'll be at Castlefest in Lisse (NL). I hope to attend some more conventions later this year.

I have also reached out to some US-based conventions for virtual appearances. I don't know what that will look like, but I am looking forward to that.

We also made a modular magazine rack to take to conventions.

I'm also working on getting my books in retail stores. As a matter of fact, I am talking with an American book chain, and I have reached out to some Dutch stores. In other words, busy, busy, busy. I hope to have more RPG news next time as well. With that said, I hope you'll join me on REAM and have a great week.

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