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Last our of the Kickstarter and Suggetion for Story Submissions

Just eight more hours, and then the campaign will end. Just 100 dollars away from the next stretch goal! Remember, even your 1 dollar pledges are of great value, and the wallpaper above will be yours with some other perks.

And now, do you want to make a submission to AoI. Here is a suggestion. Pitch your AoI story ideas in 150 words. If approved the concept can be added to the collection as something for you or the community to expand upon. Curious to hear your thoughts on this suggestion. We could make this a bi-monthly contest if the community wants to

A submission example,

I Encountered S-32 when meeting a Traveler, who claimed to have visited many worlds, crossing continents to reach one Rift after the other. When I inquired how he knew of their locations, he led me back to his cart to show me a birdcage covered in a heavy blanket. He pulled away the cloth to reveal a creature that radiant, I had to protect my eyes against its brilliance. As my sight adjusted, I could make out its butterfly wings, slim body, and head shaped like a flame. “I use her often as a night light,” he said. “However, would I set her free, she’d fly straight for the nearest Rift no matter where in the world. I keep her leashed so she can’t escape my sight as she’s flying. You should see her glow when the Rift is near. She lights up like a kid in a candy store.

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