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Kickstarter Wrap-up - Please follow our New Campaign.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Well, fellow travelers,

All rewards have been shipped, and many already received theirs. If you have, please send us a picture of your rewards. Even though the financial returns on campaigns like these are modest, it helped me greatly in funding the illustrations and at least making even on the books so far (my own hours not included). But this project is far from finished. I have many ambitions for the series. Enough to keep me busy for the next two years, at least

In fact, I have already published a new Kickstarter page for our comic book series, Journey to Elysium! Issue 1: The Remains of Babylon is already for sale on various platforms. If you enjoy Yohan's illustrations in Bound for the Styxc, you will love Journey to Elysium!

Before I ramble on, please leave reviews on my books (and those of other authors your like). Not only will this inform potential readers, but it will also open doors to potential promotion opportunities. Here are some suggestions for pages to leave reviews, but be free to use others.

What is Journey to Elysium About?

After a short career in the Royal Dutch Indian Army (KNIL), Maurice Havelaar became a communications specialist with the elite force known as the Airborne Dragoons. In 1872 has was requested to take on a very special mission that took him to a mysterious Elysium Object, a city-sized structure caught in the Orbit of Earth's Moon.

https://... Proposed Alt cover that includes our main character Maurice Havelaar

For those who already started reading Bound for the Styx know that Elysium and Hades are the same place. For those who want to see more of Hades interior and its denizens, and the dubious relationship between the Founder and the Association, Journey to Elysium is the comic for you!

The Goal of the Kickstarter

1. Fund a hardcover special edition of issue 1: The Remains of Babylon

The comic is already done. This special edition will be hardcover, with more lore and art included in the back, expanding on the Airborne Dragoons and their equipment. Depending on the progress of our RPG project, we might include a special character sheet.

2. Fund the creation of issue 2 and further issues. Later special editions will be funded separately.

What else can we expect?

You have requested more merch and models. I already started at this sticker for a stretch goal. If we reach a 100 followers on the prelaunch page, I might commission a mini of the Airborne dragoons to include in your board games. I might include the STL files as a stretch goal. Is that an idea? I'm also thinking of getting refrigerator Magnets and patches of the Association logo. Let me know your thoughts and ideas.

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