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Final Stretch of our Steampunk Comic on Kickstarter Recieve a Halloween gift.

Geareetings, fellow travelers, We find ourselves in the home stretch of our thrilling Steampunk Comic Kickstarter campaign, "Journey to Elysium," with just $200 left to reach our goal! Those who support us before October 31st will not only help us achieve this milestone but also receive exclusive Halloween goodies as a token of our appreciation. These treats include desktop wallpapers and an e-book filled with bone-chilling stories! Did you already see the art for our Special edition? It contains more information on the history and purposes of the Airborn Dragoons. It also tips the vail of the airship technology used in our setting.

Allow me to unveil my personal favorite cover variant, "C," which draws inspiration from the penny dreadfuls of the era—those affordable magazines that could be yours for just a penny. These publications featured stories like Sweeney Todd, Spring-Heeled Jack, and Varny the Vampire.

And we haven't received any pledges for it so far. :(


Help us make more Steampunk comics and Back Journey to Elysium today!

Penny Dreadful inspired Steampunk Comic
By Pennydreaful inspired comic book cover by Yohan Alexander

We also got our Halloween video out. A Day in Quiescis. This story is my first venture in the Weird West genre that I happen to be quite proud of. And so I am of the graphics as this is my first time using DAZ 3D to create characters for the frames.

Stay tuned for more videos, character introductions, and exciting updates on our Kickstarter page. Don't delay; pledge your support now!

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