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Musing of a Creator (and more)

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

March 188x,

Old chimneys hollowed as a stiff breeze blew across the old factory’s roof. A plush doll raced across gold and copper-colored leaves blanketed the moss-covered courtyard. The sentient plaything had discovered something new among the foliage overgrowing the brick remains. Back at the hall entrance, an android, who referred to himself as the Puppeteer, observed his creation. A cat walked past his feet. The feline lived in this factory longer than it did. The puppeteer appreciates the animal for keeping the vermin at bay, thus tolerating her climbing his workstation and stealing components to entertain herself with. The Puppeteer looked at her swelling belly, indicating she was with young.

Meanwhile, the doll explored the cone with her glove-shaped hands. The Puppeteer had created her some days ago to patrol the premises. Now his plans were in motion, the Association was bound to locate his hideout in time. It was all part of the plan. And human nature ensured he didn’t have to do a single thing. Now, it was just a matter of when. “Look at you,” he said, observing the doll. “Bewildered by one of Gaia’s creations. A seed devised to overcome nature’s shortcomings to procreate life—such a waste of energy. And yet, it provides all of her creations with purpose. Even the immobile ones.”

The doll stopped rocking the cone to look at him with her stitched smile.

“Yes, my creation. It is a concept alien to you. Your purpose is to explore. And for that, I gave you a flaw. Curiosity. This makes me wonder If I am in the same position as that being who created the first humans in the Garden of Eden. In order for these creatures to survive, it gave them many flaws.” The cat rubbed its flank against his ankle before turning her attention to the toy. “Desire, pride. It doesn’t require foresight to know with full certainty they would taste of the fruit of knowledge. I know this creature pondered over the question of free will, for I have.”

The doll was shielding the pine cone with her body as the cat shifted her head from left to right, waiting for the moment to strike.

“Without desire, you would be nothing but toys. Things on shelves collecting dust until I have need of you,” he said as the doll was wrestling with the cat over her prize. “I have no need for toys. I need creatures who help me explore this world.”

The doll came running up to it with the cone in her arms while the cat was licking itself.

He picked up the doll, who was cradling her precious pine cone. “You can see value in everything while I am but a creator who loses interest the moment a project is completed. Despite its many flaws, I consider all my creations as they ought to be,” he confessed as he petted the doll. “Perfect.”


I love it when I can just pump out a story in one sitting. It's a scene inspired by Dead Wood I had on my mind for a few days. I love the introspective dialogues of Dead Wood, wich I recently rewatched. As for the Puppeteer. Well, his origins will be explored soon enough when our Kickstarter has been done. Speaking of which, here is our new trailer! Please, spread the hype and tell your friends. The more followers, the better it is for the algorithm.

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