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Welcome to 
The Association of Ishtar

A World of Adventure and Mystery 

From the Creator of the Steampunk
Beginners Guide on Youtube. Bonsart Bokel

The Association is a one of kind series of books, comics, and videos set in a Multiverse that takes inspiration from Pulp, Western, Classic Science Fiction, and Cyberpunk. The goal is to create a collaborative universe that involves talent from all over the world.

The Association of Ishtar explained 
under two minutes

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Graphic novels and books are available from 
through various stores such as Amazon, and our website  

TWhere can I get these amazing books!?


TWhat do readers think?

"I bought the kindle version and started reading it, and now I'm hooked. Bonsart has created a fascinating new world in which anything can happen... But you can tell that there is a master grand plan."

- Sean March, author of Little Wade and Watchtower




"A truly delicious, swirling gothic steampunk story in a world that feels so three-dimensional that you feel like you could walk through the nearest door and step into it."
-George Penney, Bohemiana  podcast, author of OverLondon

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Anwin can't wait for you to read
Bound for the Styx 

Even if she is just a little rag doll, she has an important role in our latest release.

Available on Gumroad and Amazon


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"To be a hero, one doesn't need to step forward... Everyone just needs to step back."
- Associate 321


A reimagining of the short story that started all, featuring the Assassin who has your number.


A Steampunk Coloring book based on the investigations from the Association of Ishtar. 

About me

I started my creative endeavors with Radio Retrofuture on Youtube, where I discuss Steampunk and retrofuturist fiction. For the last couple of years, I have been working on a series of Steampunk books and comics in collaboration with various illustrators called The Association of Ishtar. 

In February/March 2023 I intended to launch the Kickstarter for my second book, Bound for the Styx.

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