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The Alternative

In light of recent events it has been decided we cannot allow aspirants with an affiliation to, or membership of S-08, to join our ranks without scrutiny. We know this goes against the Association’s policy to let any volunteers apply regardless of sex, ethnicity, race or creed. But as our relationship with S-08 stands and its objectives remain unclear, the Chair believes there is no alternative. 

Dr. Bourbon


The beginning of S-08, now known as the Followers of the Signal, is well documented in newspaper articles and opinion pieces from that time. The man who inspired the movement, Robert Mozelian, attracted a lot of media attention. The intentions of its members and affiliated groups however are unclear. The following segment is from a contemporary document handed out by affiliates of S-08 to the public.

“…in 1854 a brilliant scientist named Robert Mozelian secluded himself on Druids Isle to make contact with other dimensions through radio. Mozelian knew there had to be ways to receive signals from beyond. It was his goal to make contact with these advanced beings and learn from them how to better humanity as a whole.

When he returned from his seclusion he announced his success in making contact with the people he refers to as, The Outsiders. These beings have granted him esoteric knowledge to help humanity ascend to a new plane of existence.”

Robert Mozelian is considered to be the inspiration for the ideas and world view of the Followers of the Signal. Mozilian’s life is typical of that of a trust-child who aspired to a career in academia, but whose work was unremarkable. His research has been cited in a handful of papers and mostly for quantitative data.

Mozelian got some notoriety when it was announced he bought an eyot in the Thames called Druid Isle. It was used as a hunting retreat in centuries prior, which has regularly fallen into disuse. He believed there was evidence of supernatural activity on the island, which he wanted to investigate.   

Some research indicates there have indeed been stories of strange lights and monster- sightings on the isle dating back a couple of decades. But this is to be expected from a location known to have been a sacred place to pre-Christian cultures. Unfortunately, there have been no notable finds on the island explaining its ritualistic significance. Of course, this does not exclude the possibility of an active Rift either.

When Mozelian’s plans were announced, academics didn’t take his aspirations too seriously. These were considered to be nothing more than the whimsy of a hopeless romantic or a stunt by a man that wanted to escape mediocrity by doing something eccentric.

In a conversation professor ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓, who knew Mozelian prior to his retreat on Druid isle, told a fellow Associate:

“…After his return he [R. Mozelian] was nothing like the man that we knew before … He used to be timid, smart but not quick on the uptake […] Some of us assumed there was something wrong with him […] 

After his journey, he appeared charismatic, quick on his feet and his enthusiasm was contagious. But when he started presenting him, um (clears throat) theories it became clear he had become a charlatan. When we contradicted him he became furious… Almost violent even. One time he even stamped his feet on the ground like a child.”

Mozelian’s ideas were rejected by the academic community of England. This is when Mozelian started touring the occult and esoteric communities and gathered much interest. He started organizing seances. But instead of channeling spirits, he’d broadcast The Signal through his Interdimensional Receiver (see S-11 for the history of Valuon Radio’s).

His following increased dramatically, and magazines spread the buzz about The Signal. However, Mozelian died suddenly at the beginning of 1855. Just two months after his return from Druid Isle. The cause of his death was (allegedly) due to a stroke, but the body was cremated (against the families wishes) before an inquiry could take place.

His ideas, on the other hand, didn’t die with him. There was talk of conspiracies by various factions to kill Mozelian; rumors which persist to this day…"


Mozelian's Legacy

Mozelian is considered a prophet to S-08, who claims to still have the Receiver in their possession with which they keep spreading the word of the Signal.

Outside of S-08, Mozelian’s ideas are being appropriated by religious fundamentalists proclaiming that Mozelian may have heard the voice of whatever god they happen to worship. Or just the opposite. That Mozelian was communicating with Satan himself. 

The doctrines and beliefs of S-08 are centered around the existence of the Signal. However rather the Signal really exists or not, or might even be something else entirely, has not been confirmed by the Association, or other parties.

S-08 is different from most contemporary cults and religions because it doesn’t worship water, or any other (natural) elements. A matter a fact, they consider nature to be irrelevant.

S-08 doctrine is all about transcending Human Nature, but contrary to most esoteric cults they reject spirituality, deeming it to be irrational. They believe truth can only be attained through mathematics and, ‘the rejection of the flesh’.

S-08 seems to be ideological split on the topic of, Rejecting the Flesh, although Transhumanism remains central to all members; the methods to reach transcendence differ. Some groups believe it means to replace their biological bodies with prosthetics and are very keen on the development of cybernetic prosthesis.  

The other group believes the intention ought to leave the body entirely and join The Signal in the Aether. The Association's analysis of the Cult’s ideology is not yet complete, but there are signs that this difference in opinion could lead to a schism in the long run.

The next segment is a presentation, or rather sermon, by Edward Leamington, a representative of the Signalites.

“The prophets of the past made humanity believe in a better world beyond the next. That humans and their world are imperfect due to powers beyond our control. But all these imperfections will be done away with once we die.

This story is a cheap ploy to make people invest in a product they could not deliver on in real life. Therefore it is a good thing, the dead cannot complain and there is no buyer's remorse.

We, however, have found the means to create indefinite existence. A true eternal life, without suffering and death. And its secrets lay inside the Code. The little we can decipher at this point makes clear beyond a doubt, that when we have grown enough we can unlock its secrets and create a perfect world. An existence where inequality, hatred, suffering, and desire do not exist. A truly perfect world that we can create.

We should strive to decipher the true language and ignore the distractions caused by politics, desire, and groupthink. If we want to realize humanity’s true potential, we should work on deciphering the Code.”

Edward Leamington



Most of the Association's knowledge on S-08 comes from the media and was believed to just another manifestation of the various New Age-organisations and cults coming into being around the same time. Several Associates were known to be affiliated with S-8, but this was not considered to be a problem at the time. Associates with fringe or esoteric convictions are over-represented in the first place and are one of the reasons conversations on such topics are discouraged.
As for the organization’s doctrines, ideas, and rituals The Association have little information at this point. Like many esoteric-orders they keep the details of their practices a secret, nor do they disclose the identity of their leaders, although some do make public appearances.   



Up until now, there have been no open confrontations with the Signalites, but it is clear The Followers have an interest in Association’s work and have successfully infiltrated as Associates. 

These Associates were not considered a problem until various pieces of recovered Valuon went missing and the Chair issued an investigation. An Associate, with ties to the Followers, was found to be stealing Association property and handing it over to the Signalites. This Associate was nominated a ‘Lost Number’ and dealt with accordingly. Further investigations into Associates with connections to S-02 were often involved with cases where recovered artifacts were misplaced. 


The Signal

Ah, The Signal. The most mythical of Radio Broadcasts. After we received the request to monitor the set of frequencies recovered from the Druid Isle compound, we managed to intercept a signal, be it very faint. 

On this reel, we have an FRB or Fast Radio Burst received on Ultra Low-Frequency bands within the range of 0,00241 Hz and 0,00378 Hz. The first 5 seconds always start of the message, followed by seemingly random tones. Longer observation is required to determine there is a pattern.    

After cleaning up, it sounds like somebody was dripping water on the keys of a xylophone inside a well. In that regard, it is no different from other signals we have discovered on the Ultra Low frequencies with Valoun Radios.

Unfortunately, is where the good news ends. We were already familiar with these frequencies. There are several Constructs known to the Association which has used these to communicate with an unknown agent; this being C-▓▓, C-▓▓, C-▓▓▓, S-▓▓▓  and S-▓▓▓. Although we assumed there was a connection between these Constructs, the source of these transmissions remains unknown.

It is unlikely S-08 is the creator of these Constructs, but we can be sure there is a connection. It is not controversial to assume R. Mozelian was the victim of C-33; which would put his change in character and untimely death into context. But why? We can only speculate. S-08 attracts members of high society and the middle class. It promotes the worship of technology and progress by any means. Knowing a little of C-33 Modus Operandi I would be very suspicious.”

- Special Committee Icarus

=====Top Secret=====


- Acces granted 

The following recording was a debriefing of Associate ▓▓▓ by Associate 6 after she was implicated in the theft of Association property. Associate ▓▓▓ was a member of a hidden Signalite Temple in the city where she lived, called the Attuned. Prior to this conversation, this Associate was already judged by the Chair to be a Lost Number.    

[…] You mentioned you saw that Associate 46 was holding the artifact in question when you last saw him.

Yes, I did. That was when I realized what he was doing. 

That is when he fled?

I asked him what he was doing and then he panicked. Yes.

And he took off with the Valuon?


We found a bullet hole in the wall. Did he shoot at you?

Yes… yes. Just as he started running.

So, he shot at the door in front of him, did he?

Excuse me?

We found a bullet in the wall. A .41. A Very specific caliber. Do you carry a Derringer by any chance?

Well, I shot at him as he tried to flee.

Something you omitted for your original testimony.

I didn’t think it was relevant.

So, let me get this straight. You just walked in on Associate 46 spiriting away a Valuon crystal. He fires a bullet, we have not found, at you. Then somehow you manage to draw the Derringer from underneath you dress before he manages to flee the room.   

I, I am very capable of drawing a gun.

In that case, do it. I mean right now.

No, you can’t be serious! I am still an Associate.

As a matter of fact, you’re not. [Gunshot can be heard in the background] You should have thought of that before betrayed our trust.


During the course of the investigation of the Valoun-thefts and Associate 46 disappearance, it was discovered Associate 46 had been investigating the Signalites and discovered the Temple of the Attuned. Associate ▓▓▓, a member of the Attuned, attempted to frame and kill him. She failed and the discovery of this plot led to her expulsion. The termination was both a reckoning and a message to other Signalites.

In the wake of the termination of the Lost Number and the information gathered by Associate 46, Special Committee Wellinton’s Dragoons were dispatched, with permission of local authorities, to read the Temple of the Attuned. During the raid, the Signalites put up armed resistance using normal and Tier 4 weaponry. Three Signalites were killed, four wounded and 7 others arrested.
The origins of the T4 weaponry is unknown but suspected to be self-made. In the back of the temple, an operating theatre was discovered, with included an operating table surrounded by surgical equipment, ranging from tools used in amputation, treatment of bone fractures, and neurological surgery.
Among other items was a pair of advanced leg prosthetics and what might be some form of the implant whose purpose is yet to be ascertained or who the recipient was supposed to be.
Documents such as notes, letters, and invitations have implicated a number of academics and doctors with the Temple. Many of these are established members within their respective fields and are respected members of institutions such as the Royal Society. the Chair is to inform the authorities about this possible misconduct.


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