What is Steampunk?

Updated: May 21

What is Steampunk? Look it up on Google and you will get models who are often brown Victorian-inspired models, covered with copper plates and brass gears. This is the image people have of 'Steampunk'. But what is it? Realy?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this 10-year- anniversary special where we summarize a series of videos on Steampunk in 2000 words.

10 years of blogging, costuming, producing videos, and having over a hundred conversations with all manner of artists from within and outside of the Steampunk Community. 10 Years... And what do we have to show for it? Close to 4500 subscribers. A radio station we once made for Fallout 4. And a series of short stories and books called the Association of

Ishtar. A second book is currently under review with our publisher. The latter is also the reason for a lack of videos this month.

We also have been hard at work clarifying the submission process for the Association of Ishtar

submissions along with summing up some of the lore. Links to the website are down below. Finally, we have set up a Kickstarter in Prelaunch for our first coloring book with original art set inside of the same setting. Please give the project a follow so you won't miss a single announcement and share it with your friends!

Back to the topic of our blog. What is Steampunk?

The question itself is a meme. For starters, many Steampunks will answer this question, with another question. Are you familiar with Jules Verne? Have you seen Wild Wild West?" And if you respond with, "no..." They start scratching their heads themselves.

On this blog, on the other hand, we are the horrible types of people who define words. But before we do that, why is Steampunk so hard to explain to the layman? Because for most self-styled Steampunks, Steampunk is a thing that they like. If they like brass, it's Steampunk. If they like Star Wars, that's Steampunk. If they like brown chocolate, you get the idea. In short, it's projection.

For those who are interested in the creative process, it is a bit more nuanced.

On this blog, we use the word Steampunk as a homonym that covers a range of topics. That is why I distinguish the following themes:

1. The story genre,

2. The aesthetics,

3. The community or scene/subculture.