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Travelers Bane


It is not the wrath of God! It is the invisible flames of Hell itself that burn the trespassers who seek knowledge in places forbidden to them. Those who seek the forbidden fruit will only find torment! But before they breathe in the last of the miasma of these demonic realms, Satan will reveal to them the truth. They will scream for mercy as the Hellish flames consume their bodies, and curse the seducers who told them to ignore scripture!

Let their demise be a warning… Amen.
- Sermon by a missionary from the Order of the Lions of Judah

To prevent the effects of P-5 from occurring The Chair has put in place a time limit on Rift-expeditions of seven days. The Chair agrees that this is a very broad margin. However, due to the unknown factors that influence the time that P-5's effects become apparent, this is deemed to be a prudent protocol.

- Dr. Bourbon


P-5, commonly know as 'Rift Decease', 'Travelers Decay', and 'Interplaner Atrophy', is an as of yet unexplained phenomenon. In the case of living subjects, who remain on another Plane, other than their own Plane of Origin, their bodies start to deteriorate in a similar way to decomposition. This process starts after a period of approximately 30 to 40 days and continues until the subject has completely decayed, leaving only a dark grey substance of unknown composition similar to ash. The only way to prevent P-5 from occurring, or reverse its effects, is for the subject to return to its Plane of Origin within three days after the first symptoms become apparent. After that, recovery is very unlikely.

In the case of non-living and non-metallic materials, the time window varies greatly. Organic material reacts very similarly to living subjects; changing color after 30 to 40 days, becoming brittle, and starts falling apart leaving the same ash-like substance.

Metal starts corroding after a similar timeframe, then becomes soft, and finally turns into a sticky grayish goo. If it comes in contact with human skin at this stage it is impossible to remove the goo without undergoing an operation. After this stage, the goo becomes solid again and finally falls apart into a gray powder. For some reason, copper objects seem to be more resistant to P-5 than most other metals. Unlike living subjects, the deterioration stops after being returned within a six-day period to its Plane of Origin.

Stages of atrophy in living creatures

The first symptoms are similar to fever and dysentery and worsen after conception. After the first day (+1) sores and bruises start to develop on the skin. On day +2 the subject's motor functions start to deteriorate and vision starts to blur. On day +3 most subjects can barely control their movements and become delirious and start hallucinating. On day +4 the effects have become irreversible, the body starts to blacken, much like a decomposing body and the sores have advanced into open wounds. On day +5 75% of those afflicted have deceased and the body starts collapsing in on itself as if it is deflating, and an ash-like substance starts to shed off the body. On day 6+ 100% of the subjects have deceased.

Addendum 1: Countermeasures



Addendum 2: Known planes with no P-5 occurrence?


███████████████ C-8 ██████████████████████████████████████████████ █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████

Addendum 3: Other symptoms

After receiving various reports and rumors, the Association monitored known individuals who survived P-05 initial symptoms. The conclusions of these reports were alarming. 75% of those afflicted had died in the following three years of carcinoma or metastasis-related diseases, and 19% suffered from similar ailments. This is, according to some sources, caused by Ash remaining inside the body. There are no known methods of extracting this substance. The only viable treatment available is preventative medication.
Currently the possibility of ████████████████████████████████████████████.

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