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Rift Breach

“This bulletin is a response to some of the issues raised about a certain committee.

Let us clarify the Position of RA. P-10 events are not similar to P-2 designates Rifts. In event of a P-10 manifestation, the area within a 10 kilometers radius needs to be evacuated in its initial phase, to prevent human casualties. Under no circumstances is anyone to approach, or disturb, a P10-1 manifestation. And when something comes through, The Campari Protocol comes into effect, immediately. When the protocol is initiated, containing the threat within the P-10 affected area becomes a top priority until reinforcements arrive.
Before the protocol becomes into effect, the Special Committee ‘The Entomologists’ are to be informed. These men and women are specially equipped with an experimental arsenal that they are developing to combat these incursions. Still, they can merely contain what pours into the area. Our priority should be to protect as many lives as possible… That being said, never lose sight of the fact we cannot save everyone. This is why the Campari Protocol was devised. The Chair and the advising committees are fully aware of how the members of The Association of Ishtar feel about the protocol. But until our defensive measures are able to discern any threat, with absolute certainty, we believe the protocol is prudent, and ethically justified.
To reiterate, the Associates abstain from any engagement. But once a volunteer rises to the occasion, they are expected to fulfill the responsibilities they taken upon themselves. Especially any members who seek to join The Entomologists are expected to follow these protocols. Anyone who disagrees is free to stay on the sideline, but are asked to keep their opinions to themselves.”
- Dr. Bourbon

Excerpt from the manual on Breech containment, 1872
In the event of a P-10 occurrence, the top priority is to quarantine the affected area, inform Special Committee Entomologists, and await their arrival. When P-10-2 instances are reported, ​​protocol’ P-10-2 revision V’ aka ‘The Campari protocol’  is to be followed to the letter, without exception. In case any form of life does escape the quarantine zone, Associates should be dispatched immediately; to prevent it from causing panic or wreaking havoc to the population.
The existence of P-10 is being suppressed by most authorities and The Chair's current position is to comply with the blackout until proper defense-mechanisms have been developed. For this purpose, a cover story has been devised. See document P-10-33 for an overview of measures in effect.


P-10 is a poorly understood event that could last for any amount of time. P-10 begins when an unstable Rift, designated P10-1, opens. P-10-1 is often described as a hole or tear in reality itself, that takes the form of a muddy boiling mass that dissolves anything it comes in contact with. Everything within the vicinity of P10-1 is affected by a change in gravity and other unexplained phenomena. Objects and lifeforms in close proximity are pulled into the tear never to be seen again. As for the other phenomenon within P-10, the possibility that reality itself is changed is not beyond possibility. During this phase of the event, witnesses have claimed to see ‘Living Shadows’, or ‘Shadow People’, move in places where light should be. Most known examples of P10-1 close after a few minutes, hours, or even days. However, there are reports from foreign agencies that suggest there might be possible P10-1 instances that have been open for extended periods of time. There is an unconfirmed report intercepted from the Austro-Hungarian Evidenzbureau that suggests there is a tear that was open for at least a year. Then there is the situation in ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓  ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ▓ ▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓ ▓▓▓ There is no sign this situation will be resolved in the foreseeable future.       

After the initial stage, the situation within P-10 seems to stabilize. During this period the civilian population within the sphere of influence can still be evacuated, however, it is unwise to enter P-10 due to the gravitational effects and because of P10-1's volatile nature. Any attempts to enter, or otherwise disturb, P10-1 will almost certainly lead to the appearance of P10-2. If any instances of P10-2 appear, quarantine becomes a top priority. P10-2 lifeforms vary greatly in size, shape, and behavior. However, even the non-aggressive ones could cause great damage to their surroundings just with their presence.

After an undetermined period P10-1 closes and the effects of P-10, such as the change in gravity, subside. However, the lifeforms that appeared often remain and other unexplained phenomena keep manifesting. These phenomena remain active and can affect animals and humans in the long term. Therefore areas affected by P-10 are considered to be lethal to humans until proven otherwise.

Summary from Annual Report on Interdimensional incursions by RA, 1870.

It is believed that the first reported P-10 event occurred in 1820, near the coastal town of Tallin, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. However, this event was reported by Estonian separatists who claimed that the Russian Imperials were conducting experiments upon the population. These would have involved hallucinogenic drugs that made the people see monsters and caused murderous rage in humans and animals alike. The ensuing riots led to many deaths until Russian troops suppressed those affected. This story has never been confirmed, but based on recovered intelligence the Russian Army reported dealing with a violent uprising in that region caused by a ‘Supernatural presence’.

More events were reported during the 1820s that got attributed to curses, possessions, and other folklore that got dismissed as sensationalism and superstition. This might have been part of a cover-up by various governments to prevent panic, or other pragmatic reasons.In the 1830s the existence of the first stable P-2 phenomenon was discovered but its existence was withheld from the public. Over the next two decades, knowledge on P-2 spread from academia and governments to the nobility and bourgeoisie. At this time stories regarding possible P-10 events were considered mostly fictitious. It was not until the early years of the Association's existence that P-10 was identified as a separate phenomenon. With the advancement of long-range communication, there is a slight increase in reports on new P-10 events, from three cases in 1861 to five cases in 1869.

Recent cases have been reported by Special Committee ‘The Entomologists’ who specialize in field testing weapons and other defensive measures against extraterrestrial incursions. In their periodical reports, they warn that every time they encounter a new instance of P-10 the ‘Reality Distortions’ grows worse. Wherein the first encounters they witnessed a lack of gravity and some other minor abnormalities, these environments have grown more hostile to all forms of life. They reported the rapid mutation of plantlife, materials changing of composition, such as water becoming as thick as quicksand, and people sinking into the ground with no means of resisting. The closer to P-10-1 they get, the worse these alterations seem to become, turning the environment into an alien landscape that obeys different physical laws. Sometimes these areas even become deprived of oxygen, natural light, and other things we take for granted. That does not include the appearance of P-10-2 lifeforms who sometimes are not observed at all.  

P-10-2 classifications

P-10-2 refers to a range of lifeforms too diverse to specify. So diverse in the fact that it is unlikely there is an actual connection between these creatures and the creation of P10-1 itself and might merely be a side effect. The size of these creatures ranges from the size of big beetles to something the size of recently discovered Dinosaurs in the United States. Most creatures show intelligence not greater than those of typical predators and act in ways that suggest they are lost in a world alien to them. Those that do show signs of sentients have acted in antagonistic or openly hostile ways. Therefore all P10-2 instances are to be approached in accordance with the Campari Protocol, no matter how benign their forms might seem.

For practical purposes, the Entomologists have devised a general classification overview of observed creatures.

Type-I: Mundane creatures in all ways, but appearance. Their behavior is generally typical of animals, mostly omnivores.

Type-II: Non-sentient creatures that show extraordinary, poorly understood, abilities unknown to early flora and fauna. This includes abilities such as near invisibility, limited teleportation, unusual methods of flight, mental abilities meant to stun or confuse other creatures including humans, and most concerning of all, shapeshifting.

Type-III: Sentient creatures capable of advanced problem solving and sometimes the ability to communicate. It is one of the Entomologists' secondary objectives to obtain a life Type-III for interrogation.

Type-IV refers to creatures or manifestations that pose an extraordinary threat due to their abilities or size. In case a Type-IV appears, protocol dictates that all other objectives become secondary to the neutralization of this threat. In case all conventional methods fail, The Campari-Bitter protocol dictates to engage with whatever means are available at that time.        '

Interview P-10-32-3

This interview was taken after the P10-32 event. The interviewed was apprehended during a sweep of the outskirts after the P-10 event in the town of ██████ near Wrekin, Engeland.


‘Could you state your name for the record?’

‘Uh, in this thing? Right. Uhm… Laurence Olton, sir.’

‘Thank you… Mr. Olton. Did you live in █████ your whole life?’

‘Born and raised, sir… Used to be a quiet town, until they built the factory. My family used to be tailors, but… Well, everybody works in the factories these days, don’t they?’

‘Before this week's events, did anything out of the ordinary happen?’

‘Hah, if it had, everyone would have talked about it. So, no. It just happened as if God snapped his fingers. I just came back from work. Was about to give me daughter some money for the groceries, check up on me wife, and then wanted to head to the pub. As a matter of fact, I was just heading there when things went tit… I mean, stuff happened.’

‘Please elaborate.’

‘Right… Hell broke loose, right away. Stuff started moving about as if a poltergeist had appeared. I felt like I was floating myself. I accidentally bumped my head when I jumped the stairs of our porch. I didn’t expect I could just jump on the roof like that. I guess that was kind of amazing. That we had to dodge all the furniture moving about not, so much. One of our girls near us got crushed between the ceiling and gramps ol' cabinet. Speaking of whom, have you found them yet?’

‘We are still working on that Mr. Olten. Was there anything else?’

‘Oh, there was so much going on. I just wanted to get my wife out of there. The pregnancy has not been kind to her you see, she could barely move. At least she didn’t weigh that much anymore. I could jump around like Spring Heeled Jack if I wanted.’

‘In that case, please continue.’

‘It was so unreal… Like, when people realized nature decided to sod off. People threw their kids from the window into the streets and whatever else they could carry. It looked like a bloody carnivals act. When I could bring Ivy somewhere safe, I gathered our kids and we just ran. Any moment later and… There was this noise, it sounded like somebody cracked the largest whip you can imagine and then there was this loud, booming sound. Then everything went black for a moment and the bloody churchyard lit up. Then the screaming started. First I thought it was just hysteria than it became obvious people were dying… [I could swear I saw a body part flying by]…

'Please speak up. I don't think we quite got that.'

'S, sorry… I mean everyone ran so fast. People broke their bones just by running into each other. Then these flying things started appearing. They looked more like fish than any bird I have ever seen! And they would just swoop down and just scoop people up who had nowhere to turn in the streets. I was just, fuck it. I told the kids to follow and I started jumping… Ha, more look flying like in a children's story. Jumped from crate to balcony, and then on the roof. I tried telling me-self I was in some messed-up dream but I could feel the breeze as these fish things passed us by… We jumped from building to building while people down below got swarmed by… things. I didn’t dare to look at what these things looked like… But I still saw it… There was this group of people, that got corned by this swarm of things.  All I could make out were these white eyes floating in a flood of scales. And they jumped them like a tidal wave of blackness. And all the screaming as these monsters covered them, and they tails were wagging upright like dark only tendrils as they… [the subjects begin to breathe erratically ]  There was nothing left!'

[Dr. Bourbon gives the subject a moment to recover] ' I see. And where were you at the time?'

Still jumping from roof to roof and our kids were crying as they flew beside me. I tried calling out to some of the folks in the street, telling them to jump! Guess they were too used to being earthbound.’

And we kept jumping until it became obvious the effects started to wear off. Too far away from whatever that was causing it, I suppose. So, I hid my family in an attic. Then I went on my own looking for help, or food… Something… I made my way to the edge of town… It was like. So unreal. I felt this clutching on my chest as I sneaked through gardens and alleys. I didn’t see the monsters. But I heard them. Sensed them, like something was pointing these things out to me. I could see their shadow pass by. And the people. I don’t know. There was this, droning sound. Like [the interviewed tries to mimic the sound] woohw, woohw, woohw… I could feel the air vibrate from my toes right up to my head. It wasn’t loud but it canceled out everything else. Everything sounded as if I was sedated. Couldn’t walk straight either. Yeah, it was like being drunk without the good bits.’

‘Did you make it out?’

‘No…. I made it to the edge of town where I noticed a bloke fleeing from… I can only imagine. Well, he was in a hurry. So, I saw him approach the woods as he ran across the main road when I heard this weird, crackle. A light between the trees lit up, there was a jet of… It was like a green light bulb being shot    … And… They shot him… The bastards shot him! Why did they have to do that?’

‘Please calm down.’

‘Why should I? You are the ones who did this! You wankers! Why the - ’

At this time the interviewers discontinued the interview and mister Olton had to be subdued. After the interview, Mr. Olten was considered a liability to the Association's mission, and attempts to recover his family failed. In concordance with the Campari Protocol, he remains in detention while having been declared missing in the official records. Mr. Olton and other survivors will not be released until proper techniques have been developed to erase any memory of the events from their minds.

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