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Sirene Lure

When using our Valuon receivers to locate the Rift, its sound came through the speaker loud and clear. Its call is an eerie song of sorrow like a sirene atop a rock in a static sea. I always dread to stumble upon that fey and witness her visage in the Rift pleading me to join her in the Inbetween…


Heading south-to-south-east, its call got gradually louder. But something was off. I couldn’t tell why and accepted it as a quirk of the Rift.

Then they fell upon us. Three, maybe four, lay in ambush. We never saw them except for the flashes of their guns. It was a close one, but 134 threw in a grenade among the trees. He wounded at least one. After they took flight, we found the source. A transmitter replicating the Rift’s call to lure us in, like a sirene.

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