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Rift Fae

I Encountered S-32 when meeting a Traveler, who claimed to have visited many worlds, crossing continents to reach one Rift after the other. When I inquired how he knew of their locations, he led me back to his cart to show me a birdcage covered in a heavy blanket. He pulled away the cloth to reveal a creature that radiant, I had to protect my eyes against its brilliance. As my sight adjusted, I could make out its butterfly wings, slim body, and head shaped like a flame. “I use her often as a night light,” he said. “However, would I set her free, she’d fly straight for the nearest Rift no matter where in the world. I keep her leashed so she can’t escape my sight as she’s flying. You should see her glow when the Rift is near. She lights up like a kid in a candy store.”

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