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The Great Ghulam Ali

Subject 20 probably doesn’t require an introduction, but let's get over its founding regardless. Ghulam Ali is a cousin to the late Mysorean Tipi Sultan, who fled India after the British conquered the kingdom in 1799. Then in 1804 he somehow found employment with the Academy d’Aeronautica where he worked on the rockets used to bombard England. After coalition forces entered Paris in 1812, he escaped prosecution only to reappear years later in New York to announce his plans for the Babylon Foundation. Thanks to patronage from the scientifically minded elite, his organization constructed a platform in the Atlantic Ocean to launch manned rockets to Elysium. However, after the disastrous launch attempts of Comet I and II, he fell out of favor. He has been living like a recluse on the Babylon platform, where he faded from public memory. But in light of recent events, we believe it's wise to reestablish contact and revitalize the project.

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