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My Purgatory

Despite S-03’s quarantine being voluntary, S-03’s cell is secured and under 24-hour observation. An annual budget is reserved to provide S-03 with any comfort that he desires, with the exception of metallic objects and other items that could potentially be furnished into improvised weapons. Any visitors will be escorted by two appointed guards who are to remain present during the entire stay.
Would any pictures of S-03 ever be taken, these are to be destroyed immediately, and any mentions of S-03’s host in the media need to be taken out of public circulation as quickly as possible.



S-03 claims the continuity of an inter-planer agent who resides inside a typical healthy male in his late twenties, identified as ▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓. After S-03 requested asylum, ▓▓▓▓▓ next of kin had reported S-03’s host missing. The host has officially been declared deceased.
Unlike his host, S-03 is an experienced assassin who is trained in conventional and improvised weaponry. He also has demonstrated how to operate Tier 4 and 5 weaponry but has no knowledge of their creation.
The mental state of S-03 is erratic. Although there have been no fatal incidents, S-03 has harmed security personnel on several occasions with improvised weaponry. Even though S-03 claims he regrets these events, he also reiterated his passion for violence repeatedly.

Incident report S03-1867/01:

On ▓▓▓▓▓▓, S-03 announced himself at the main gate of ▓▓▓▓ to request asylum. After further negotiations, S-03 agreed to surrender and undergo interrogation. After being detained, S-03 was interrogated by Associate 89.


89: ‘So, for the record, You are not ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓’


S-03: ‘I am not.’


89: ‘So, could you please repeat what you said over the tube?’


S-03: (Sighs) ‘Well here it goes. (just as you practiced). I'm a special agent

from another existence. My consciousness has been transferred to this body, known as ▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓. Using his body and identity, I was supposed to orchestrate a number of tasks given to me. I have been on similar missions dozens of times, transmitting my consciousness to bodies on other Planes and performing missions while there. How-’


89: ‘Please stop there for a moment. You possess people like some sort of demon?’


S-03: ‘Yes. However, I have abandoned my mission and come to you instead with a request.’


89: ‘That is?’


S-03: ‘I want you to kill me.’


89: ‘Ok… Uhm… I don’t think you need help with that…. Sir.’


S-03: ‘If you are implying suicide, I’m afraid that is the standard procedure for mission extraction. I simply return back to my original body. That is why I need your help to prevent that. In return, I will divulge any information regarding my previous activities in this world.’


89: ‘Information in return for…’


S-03: ‘Yes.’


89: ‘And if we refuse?’


S-03: ‘I will continue my mission.’


89: ‘Which is?’


S-03: ‘Agree to my terms, and I will divulge everything. Try to deceive me, I’ll return and keep doing so until every last Associate is dead.’

89: ‘… Well. All I can do is forward your request. But, what is the reason for wanting… This.’

S-03: ‘I have done this for forty years, and now they want to retire me. It might happen in a few years, or the moment I get back.
They want me to live like a civilian. But I can’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I’ve forgotten how to say hello, or goodbye. I’m confused about the family I used to have, or if I killed them or not. Killing… Killing… Killing. It is the only constant in my existence. If they retire me, I can’t kill anymore. It is as natural to me as breathing, you understand. I thought of twenty-seven ways of killing you as I sat here, do you understand that!?’


89: ‘Security… I would like to leave now.’


The Chair agreed to take in S-03 on the condition he would be confined to his room and be placed under strict supervision. S-03 agreed with the stipulations.


Addendum S03-1867/14:

S-03 has requested to be allowed outside for a short period during the day.

The Chair has agreed, under the condition he remains inside the inner courtyard limited to 2 hours, 3 times a week.


Incident report S03-1877/03:

S-03 stabbed one of his guards with a spoon. Claims the guard was provoking him.

No more spoons! No other metal cutlery. The aforementioned guard will be reassigned.


Addendum S03-1867/27:

Interview: S-03-Dr. Snabs
During his stay at Site 2, S-03 has been compliant with the regulations. However, as time progressed, S-03 displayed mounting frustrations.
To evaluate S-03’s mental state, Dr. Snabs started regular conversations to learn more about his origins and motives.

[excerpt start]

89: ‘What did you do before we met?’


S-03: “I am an assassin.”


89: ‘For hire? Where you work for a government?’


S-03: “I guess you could call it the world government. Of course they don’t refer to themselves that way. Regardless, they are also
responsible for containing all Outsider threats.”


89: ‘Just as the Association does?’


S-03: “No. Unlike you, we work for them. They give the targets. We execute.”


89: ‘This never bothered you?’


S-03: “No. Actually, it’s quite liberating. Not having to think, I mean. Now I am free, I never felt so much pressure. It’s weird really. I feel like… I don’t know….”


89: ‘You miss being told what to do. I imagine it must be strange making decisions for yourself.’


S-03: “Yeah… I suppose so.”


Snabs: ‘So, what was your purpose before you got here?’

S-03: ‘I worked for a special unit, ensuring linked worlds wouldn’t become a threat.”


89: ‘In what way?’


S-03: “Prevent knowledge of our existence for one. The first priority would be to hide rifts altogether. Well, in this world, that failed. A new rift emerged that linked our Planes without us knowing about it, and then some idiot wandered through to our side. Walked about the place like a damned tourist. Now we are in Phase Orange which-”


89: ‘Wait. Before you move on. Did you say, a rift emerged?’

S-03: “Yeah, was news to most of us too. Apparently, it happens, but just once in a couple of centuries. But on this Plane. Bloody hell. How many opened last year alone?”


89: ‘Right… You mentioned Phase Orange.’


S-03: “It’s what procedure we must take to contain a potential threat.”


89: ‘Plane you mean?’


S-03: “Yeah. Phase Orange is why I am here. Only Phase Black comes after that.”


Snabs: ‘What’s the protocol then?’


S-03: “Total annihilation. What else do you think?”

[Data Expunged]


Snabs: ‘What do you think of all this?’


S-03: “About what?”


Snabs: ‘You just described a disease that you once released.’


S-03: “I was following orders. I didn’t make them, I didn’t question them.”


Snabs: ‘You question them now?’


S-03: “Why would I? It’s a waste of energy.”


89: ‘Why did you choose to follow those orders?’


S-03: “What?”


89: ‘Why did you choose to follow those orders?’


S-03: “… Because these are orders. Don’t you follow orders right now?”


89: ‘I made a conscious choice to join the Association. I have accepted this assignment. When a soldier enlists in the army, he takes an oath that includes adhering to the military hierarchy. However, he is also a servant of the law. He needs to balance the…’

S-03: “Oh, go to hell! I didn’t take any bloody oath! There is just the Union.”

89: ‘Was seeking asylum an order?’

S-03: “No.”

89: ‘They why?’

S-03: ‘I dunno.’

89: ‘What do you mean you don’t know? Were you ordered to come here?’

S-03: ‘No!’

Snabs: ‘Then why! Why did you come here? What changed?’

S-03: ‘…I'm tired of it. That’s all.’
[End excerpt]

Incident report S03-1869/07:

On ▓▓▓▓▓ 1878, there was an infiltration of Site-2. Involved culprits are suspected members of ▓▓▓▓▓▓ that were after ▓▓▓▓▓▓. During the fight, S-03 allegedly escaped from his room, although S-03 denied this.
The assumption has been made after five bodies had been discovered whose kills have not been confirmed by personnel.

Body 1 was found on the same floor as S-03’s chamber, with his neck snapped and eyes gouged out, probably with the use of thumbs. S-03 claims any trained personnel could have done that.
Body 2 was discovered in ▓▓▓▓▓▓ room with his face stuck inside an occupied chamber pot. S-03 suggested he must have tripped. ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ claims she had seen nothing.
Body 3 was discovered inside the utility basement with his throat garroted. Maintenance reported a string missing from the piano inside of the ground floor foyer. S-03 claims to know nothing about it and suggested screening the staff, including the janitor, to see if any of them might have trained with improvised weapons. Note: string has not been recovered.
Body 4, discovered inside the utility basement not far away from Body 3. Skull fractured with a wrench. S-03 suggests it must have been the janitor.
Body 5 was discovered inside of S-03’s dress closet. S-03 claims he must have climbed in there himself.

Addendum: Incident Report S03-1869/05
For a special operation, the Chair requested S-03’s assistance in dealing with an occult organization active in the south of the United States. S-03 was given permission to volunteer, under the condition he would return after completing the task. In the chaos of the operation, however, S-03 deserted the moment the fighting was over and has been missing ever since.

Measure: Associates are to be mindful of any news reports from the ▓▓▓▓▓ area of Arizona. If located, Associates are not to engage, but report his movements to the Chair and await further instructions.


Incident report: S03-1871/01

After an absence of two years, S0-3 reported back to the gate of Site 2.
After extensive debriefing, similar arrangements have been provided as before. No changes in security protocol have been made, and Dr. Snabs has agreed to continue his interviews. The following transcript is from an interview taken a month after S-03 returned.



S-03: “After the operation, I just looked at those plains stretching all the way to the horizon… During the fight, I was so… Fluid. Young. It made me realize
that I was granted a second youth. And I was wasting it between the confines of the estate. I suppose I couldn’t help myself when I saw the world stretch on like that.


Snabs: ‘What have you been doing since then?’

S-03: “Wandering, mostly. Moved from place to place. Did some odd jobs. Traveled with cattle ranchers.”

Snabs: ‘Like a cowboy?’

S-03: “I suppose. Made a decent dime doing it. Herding the cattle put my mind at ease. Guiding them in the right direction. Making sure they stuck together. You know. Cowboy things.”

Snabs: ‘Sounds like a good life.’


S-03: “If the weather is fine. God damned snakes everywhere. Wake up one morning with one of them crawling past my leg. That’s when I decided it was my last job.”

Snabs: ‘Didn’t know you were afraid of snakes?’


S-03: “Neither did I. You can’t even blame the bloody things. It's just their nature to bite, right. Just like a cow is supposed to follow the herd. That’s why we domesticated them right. Because they are herd animals. They are grazing the prairie, they could go anywhere, but they stick to the herd. Stick to what they know.”

Snabs: ‘This is not about cows, is it?’


S-03: “I suppose it’s not. I took up some bounty work. Seemed more up my alley. Tracked down some marks. Good money. Too easy though.”


Snabs: ‘For somebody of your ability, I’m sure it is.’


S-03: “I then got this strange job. Apparently, my reputation preceded me in a nearby town, and some ladies wanted me to be their hired gun. Some bloke cut up some of the girls in the town. Maiming them. The Sheriff was too afraid to do anything against members of that gang. So they were looking for a hired gun.”


Snabs: ‘Did you agree?’


S-03: “Why not, I thought. Seemed like a return to form, you know. An opportunity to be me again. Tracked the lot of them down easily enough. Loud bunch. Most of their business involved cattle rustling, smuggling, and kidnappings. You know, to hold them for ransom. When I found them, they were held up between some rocks somewhere. They had prisoners. Some boys and some older girls. They must have been targets of opportunity because they didn’t know what to do with them. Some of them were drunk too. Drunk and bored. They wanted to use those kids for entertainment.”


Snabs: ‘You saved them?’

S-03: “Yeah… I suppose I did.”


Snabs: ‘But that’s wonderful..! So, what is bothering you?’

S-03: “I wasn’t there to save them… I was just…”


Snabs: ‘A hired gun?’

S-03: “No… That’s not… I killed them all. All of them.”


Snabs: ‘The prisoners too?’

S-03: “No! No… But that’s just it. I don’t care about them.”

Snabs: ‘Right… Good… Why did you come back to the Association then?’

S-03: “Got tired of reinventing myself every day. A different name in every town. Different live’s stories. When I went off, I thought. Let’s see the world, you know. But… I couldn’t be me out there. If I had attempted to settle down, it would only be a matter of time before you found me, so…”

Snabs: ‘Let’s go back two years, right before you fled. Did you being on a mission help you in any way?’


S-03: “No.”


Snabs: ‘How come?’

S-03: “Dunno. It has been a long time since then. I suppose I lost a taste for it. I may not look it, but I’m over 50 years old. I have been here for nearly five years. I suspect my employers have disposed of my body by now.”

Snabs: ‘Do you mean to say, you are now free to die?’

S-03: ‘I think so.’


Snabs: ‘But… Why didn’t you bring this up?’


S-03: “My current body is just over thirty. I can’t recall owning my actual body for this many years. When I came here. I didn’t recognize myself. Didn’t know what food I liked. Or if I liked anything for that matter. I like drawing. I like fried fish on Fridays and cider when it’s cold… You see, I regressed in Arizona.


Snabs: ‘How do you feel now?’

S-03: The other day, I noticed that one of the guards was absent for a week. Turns out his wife was having complications with their child…. That reminds me. I’m bothered by a crack in the wall of my room. It's in a corner that is filled with stuff, but I know it is there. I keep forgetting to mention it to maintenance.”


Snabs: ‘You don’t want to die anymore, do you?’


S-03: ‘No… I don’t want to die. I don’t want to live like this either. But most of all, I don’t want to die.’


Snabs: ‘What changed?’


S-03: ‘Nothing… It’s what I can’t change… I killed a lot of people.’



Incident report: S03-1872/01

S-03 made an arrangement with the Chair to divulge all information in return for his freedom. However, the Chair made an amendment, stating that S-03 was required to live in a convent for the first two years where he would be watched and given council regarding his spiritual needs. S-03 has remained in contact with Dr. Snabs.

Dear doctor,

I hope you are well. It’s been a year since the Lions of Judah took me in. I work the fields now as an aspirant. I have requested to join their pilgrimage into the Rifts, but they say I am not ready to handle the temptations yet. I suppose they are right.
They are a lot more strict than at the Association, but I’ve grown attached to our daily routine. For some reason, I enjoy the monotony. Even working in the fields is a welcome change.
But every time I look up, I see mountains, valleys, villages, and cities on the horizon. There is a whole world out there. I feel I need to be part of it. But I’m afraid. Afraid of temptation. Afraid that I might well repeat the sins of my past. Without guidance, I am just that.
I discovered an uncomfortable truth about myself. For years, I questioned why I respected you. For years, I wondered why I abided by your rules. Why I felt a need to submit to your judgment.
Then I saw it. A single phrase. Graffiti scratched inside the base of a statue of a long dead roman inside a ruined chapel by some dirt road.

“Life is difficult to lead. That’s why most just follow.”

I’m not a leader… But I have no intention to just exist. I have procrastinated enough. I think I heard a voice that can lead me out of purgatory. I will head the call.
Till we meet again.

Warm regards,
Brother Zachariah Ezekiel



Addendum: report S03-1874/03

The following excerpt is from a debriefing of Associate 129.

“[…] we agreed to meet with a member of the Lions of Judah in the city of ▓▓▓▓▓▓. The rift cult had been active there for a couple of years and clashed violently with the Lions on several occasions. They had done so in the shadows for a long time, but the conflict was spilling into the streets. The Lions claimed the cult was preparing some, I quote, “Satanic ritual.” That is when I decided it was time for the Association to step in, and the Chair agreed we should assist the Lions in neutralizing these cultists in one fell blow. While the cult focused its attention on the Lions, the Association could form an infiltration unit unnoticed.
That is when we met this friar Ezekiel. An Outsider designated S-03; a man with a gaunt face obscured by the cowl of his robe like some creepy marionette. He was cooperative, be it reluctantly, making it very clear he preferred to work alone. And based on his actions, we decided to leave him to his devices, mostly.
On the surface, he appeared as a typical robed zealot. However, unlike most Lions, he was no amateur but a well-versed professional. He even wielded two hand-crafted automatic pistols with internal magazines of his own design and forged by the Lion’s best gunsmiths.

Our final target was a walled-off estate at the edge of the city. A small fortress really. When S-03 and I secured the gate together, it was very clear he was an ice-cold killer, clean and efficient. He showed not a single sign of hesitation as he garroted a man with what I would swear was piano wire. I have never seen anyone kill with such ease, as he showed no reluctance or malice. He killed those people with the same intense glare a blacksmith has while striking iron.
He feared nothing. As we entered the sepulcher beneath the mansion where the cultists congregated, he just advanced at the crowd, shooting as he went, as if he felt invulnerable. He fired until all his bullets were spent, casually hid behind a column to reload, and then continued his work… God’s work. After he shot them all the first time, he didn’t even hesitate to shoot those who still drew breath again. He killed a great deal of them.
I have never seen such ruthlessness. As our bloody work was done, I couldn’t help but be wary of him. Stranger yet, he gave these… He gave them their final rites.
In hindsight, I suppose he has no choice. After all, he has to believe his God can forgive them. If he wouldn't, what hope can he have for salvation?


Addendum S03-1906/01: Letter from the Abbot of St. Guillaume du Munni

“Esteemed members of the Chair,
By the time this message reaches you, the man I knew as Dr. Snabs has shed his mortal coil. I am greatly saddened by this news.
Now, you might wonder how we knew this.
Father Albert himself visited to warn me of a great many things. Many of those I cannot share with you. However, I feel it is to our mutual benefit that you are aware that those who seek to erase this world’s people are contemplating our demise.”

Perfect Zechariah Ezekiel,
Abbot of St. Guillaume du Munni



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