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"A wonderful new Steampunk world.

Bought the kindle version and started reading it and now I'm hooked. Bonsart has created a fascinating new world in which anything can happen...but you can tell that there is a master grand plan. The best way to describe the Association of Ishtar is a "multiversal investigative/adventuring agency," and this book series explores the various adventures of the AoI as it travels through multiple rifts on a planet and explores various strange new worlds. It's an incredible feat of the imagination and I'm enjoying it immensely.


Graphic novel reimagining the first story that started it all.

S-36 chronicles the Association's encounters with an interdimensional assassin who has it out for them.

Also includes the short story Lights in the Dark

introducing the Imperial Penal Legion fighting

incoming waves of 'Outsiders'.  


A Steampunk Coloring book based on the investigations from the Association of Ishtar. 

Sean March

Award Winnning Steampunk Author


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