We got Funded! Be we are not there yet

Geareetings Fellow Travelers, Our first Kickstarter for an illustration book was funded within the first week! But we are not there yet. As explained in our trailer video, this is the launch platform for something greater. Starting with more art, we'll include it in our novels. I'll hope you support this project and tell your friends about it. Besides the coloring book, we also have the novels, including the Ebook of the upcoming novel Bound for the Styx, and resin miniatures and figurines! Please visit http://associationofishtar.com/ks for all the ties and add-ons.

I want to mention The Subgenres addon especially. I mentioned this new streaming service a couple of times before. They want to create a series inspired by The Association of Ishtar called The Association. This Outerlimit-Esque series will include some of AoI's short stories as well. But they need your help. On this Kickstarter, you can get a six-month subscription at a discount, which you can find under the Addons.

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know we have a coloring contest this month. Not only does it have a cash prize, the winning submission will also be the Variant C cover of the coloring book! The rules and coloring pages can be found here https://www.associationofishtar.com/contest

Please tell your friends! Anwin is already hard at work.

Kind regards, Bonsart

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