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Journey for Elysium Preview!

Greetings, fellow travelers,

Our first full-length comic, Journey to Elysium Volume 1: The Remains of Babylon, is done, and the Ebook version is now available on our store and Amazon. Physical copies won't be long. Preview down below!

No new story this week. Apart from being sick most days during the warmest week of the year so far, I have been finishing the comic and going over revisions for Anwin! The feedback from both fans and none fans has been very positive. So, now volume 1 is done, we are going to continue to work on the illustrations for Anwin!

The Casket Girls is an ongoing struggle, but I'm getting there, one line at a time.

Suppose you can't wait for the new releases. I'm going to preview the chapters of our upcoming books on Ream. A new subscription and crowdfunding platform for writers. It might replace my Patreon overall in the future because it allows me to upload whole books and schedule them automatically. If you want to learn more, I interviewed the CEO, Michael, two weeks ago. If you ever considered supporting me, please do it on Ream Stories, as this would help us a great deal on that platform and the series as a whole. It's brand new, so not all functions, such as illustrations, have been implemented.

And without further ado, enjoy a preview of Journey to Elysium Volume 1!

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