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Community Participation

How to contribute

AoI is a series of community-driven content to which everyone can contribute their creative talents. Are looking for ideas or inspiration, start with reading some of the entries on the Association of Ishtar Wiki page to get a feel for the universe. 

We encourage people to write stories make art, photos for others to use in future AoI projects. 

The combination of these talents comes together in the narrative videos that are posted on Radio Retrofuture on Youtube. But we are open to taking on other, more ambitious projects as well. 

And we want you to aid the community and make these happen.

If you want to contribute you can start to Join our Discord and share your comments and ideas.


Photo and art submissions

If you want to submit images of any kind to be included with AoI videos, short stories, or similar projects you can!

For now, you can email your images, preferably in a Zip-file or through an online folder. Please make sure your images are 300 dpi. For video projects, we prefer aspect rations 18:9 or 16:9.   

For the Cosplayers we are making patterns for foam masks and other DIY props.

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